Monday, February 4, 2013

Ninja Cole

Well...since the picture of Cole below was indeed old news...;)  I must share some other novel cuteness. :)  Found these at Goodwill for Christian.  I think they are super fantastic and from what I looked up online they were made in Spain and sold mostly in the UK.

Did I ever post this picture?  Anyway, even if I did it's worth chuckling over again. :D  That's a sneaky blade coming in from the right side and some kind of spiky thing falling from the ceiling. :)  Noah must have been inspired by Calvin and Hobbes comics or something similar.
Post script...Noah says, after reading this post, that he was NOT inspired by Calvin and Hobbes and seems a bit miffed I don't think he can come up with such things on his own original merits. :)

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Rebekah said...

You did post this before...but I totally agree that it's worthy of a second post!! I love this picture!! He definitely has a future in comics!