Thursday, February 14, 2013

Early adventures with the weeping egg...

Well...they survived the first few days.   That's really saying something considering the fact Willem tried to rotate them "all by himself" and left the lid askew.  The little heater ran overtime trying to maintain the temp so no harm done.  I'm not a pro at this...but even a novice can tell there is something not so healthy about this poor little egg.  I searched online and found that pressure on the inside pushes egg white through the pores due to internal infection and it looks like this.  The common term is "weeping".  It was probably a bad egg to start with...I think I kind of knew when it arrived (it was smaller and not perfect shape) and picked this one as "my" egg when the claims were made.  The boys have been giving me their condolences.  
As I was searching, I came across a quip that said you can candle every day if you like without harming the eggs.  The 10 day guideline is just so you can see more exciting development.  That's all little miss impatient needed to know.  Here's our first baby picture of one of the little chicks day 5. :D  

Description:  on the far left end is the air's the lighter disk shape.
The big orb thing in the middle is the yolk sack, in the middle of it, if you look close (or look from farther back actually) there is a little red spot and some veining spread out over the yolk.  That's the tiny chick in progress.  We've got 5 live and growing ones right now! :)
 I LOVE this project.  I say I'm doing it for the boys education...but really...I just love it myself. :D

Side note:  for candling, I'm using a can light we had already ( a flash light is the normal cheap route) and I put a piece of cardboard with a hole in it over the top.  Easy peasy and free.


J Gutwein said...

Love the new look (haha!!;)

J Gutwein said...

One more thing.. I am not coming back to your blog until you take the disgusting "weepy" egg off. J/K, but seriously!

L, Ann and boys said...

Sheesh so squeemish. ;) It's not like the thing is is but it's not living...well, it kind of is but. Okay, I'll take it off.