Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Conner Prairie in the winter

Turns out it's still a pretty cool place when it's cold outside :)  Normally we book it through the indoor displays and head outside, but they've got some fun science lab stuff set up in the main atrium right now.  It's really great that they put so much effort into it as I always have grand plans for science experiments...that don't materialize.

My cousin Joel and Amber were here for interviews with their two little boys.  Good times.

air rockets

 oil water separation based on density
 sinking weight when pressure changes

 mini hot air balloons

 air tube fun and air cannons
 Noah builds his rightful throne ;)
 suspended in air

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J and A said...

Missed the throne! Liam has been asking me to make an air rocket though... I told him that is a "Daddy" project, ha!