Monday, February 18, 2013

Chickie update in pictures

So this is day 5, I posted this one already
 this is day 8!  Are you kidding me?!  It's moving around in there.  The dark spot is the eye (I think) the rest of the shadow like glob is the little chicks body trying to catch up. :)
 and this one dead.  These eggs would be safer if we had a pet fox and two raccoons instead of a Willem Ellis.  He lovingly played with this one and then left it out of the incubator for several hours to chill through on the floor.  There was another unfortunate egg that was played with as well that is not pictured.  It was rather broken. :(  So, we have three survivors and I keep my bedroom door locked where the incubator is kept.  I didn't really want a flock anyway...but with our luck the three left will be boys and not egg laying girls. ;)  Oh well, it's all for the experience anyway.


smw said...

this is so cool.

Sandra said...

this is neat. I had to laugh though that you think even the eggs don't have a chance of being a girl:)