Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bath floor update in pictures

Ta-da ;)

My favorite aspect of the update is the fact that this vent is now flat on the floor instead of wall mounted...the threat of stubbing my toe on the 3 inches of metal that used to stick out of the trim is gone and it makes the not so huge space seem bigger.  Luke had to cut some of the vent off to make it fit, but he made it work. :)
 This is the trim along the shower.  We had some debate on what should go here, but after some larger flat trim overlapping tile was shot down and returned, I'm much happier. :)
 The base of this shower used to be off white and speckled while the top part had been updated to white before we moved in.  Luke painted it bright white to match the existing walls of the shower and it looks much better.  Well worth the $20 but I think Luke should have worn a ventilated mask to do the work.
 Shower head to match the other shower in the hall.  It's lower pressure than our old one, but it looks nicer.  Luke is still trying to take out the restrictor but says it will be almost impossible.

 Sink updated to match the other bath faucet look.  I'm hoping to happen upon an antique mirror to go in here for cheap...but we'll see how long that takes without visiting antique stores very often. :)


emilykate said...

looks great! we're getting ready to start a bathroom remodel...good inspiration!

smw said...

looks great!! we got a water saving shower head, too. i hated it for awhile, but you get used to it after awhile. though i still love to sneak in a use the kids' shower sometimes. :)