Sunday, February 17, 2013

Baby-food system...

I can handle.  I've never been real great at making baby food at home.  We transitioned out of the messy puree` stage quickly to finger food with each child... and I was glad to see the sloppy stuff go.  But then I started getting hooked on the convenience of the squeeze pouches to fill in veggie gaps in Willem's diet when we are out and about and at home also if I was serving up pasta...and not much else for kids cuisine.  They are not messy (compared to a spoon and bowl that is), Will loves them and they do indeed round out his diet.  The problem with them is the price tag on each little pouch of veggie goodness.

All the brands run about the same price, Ella's (random example I found) is $12.80 for 7 of them online (Target).  And more than that if you grab them off the shelf with no coupons in hand. :/  Ones with DHA or omega-3s will ring in at even higher.

So I did a little online searching to find reusable pouches.  And low and behold they do exist (yummi pouch link on Amazon $14.99 for six-there are other brands as well).
So here was the first batch in pictures.  I used the pouches for the first time today during church lunch and Willem asked for more once he drained it.  This means two things, I wish the pouches held a little more and I can make this recipe again without it being wasted effort. ;)  Though I just measured and they hold 4 oz plus...that's kind of a lot unless your child is mine always are. ;)
two sweet potatos-about a 1/2 to a cup of lentils- three prunes for sweetness- water

Put on Med/low with a lid on and walked away.  Let it simmer for a half hour or so...not sure exactly.  I just let it cook until the potatoes were mushy and soft.  I added more water half way through, the lentils soaked it up pretty fast.
 Dumped everything (including cooking liquid) into the blender with a quart sized bag of freezer apple sauce I thawed just enough to get it out of the bag.  After the first taste, I would say it would be better with six prunes for sweetness or maybe more.  I added 3 tablespoons of honey and a splash of OJ to keep the colors from browning and blended again.  I thought that tasted good.
 I only had six pouches to fill since I didn't know if I would like them and ordered one set to start with.  I'll need to order a few more to really streamline this  process. :)  
If you are a perfectionist, filling might annoy you.  The tops are zippered like a ziplock.  You dump the puree straight in, but I zipped them shut over the sink in case they oozed out the top when closing.  Then I rinsed them once sealed.  It doesn't overflow if you add less, but I wanted the max in there since I only had six pouches to begin with.
 The blender was full when I started- I had this much left when I finished and put it in other glass containers I had sitting around.  I think one blender full would fill 12+ pouches.  I rinsed out the one I used at church today with no trouble.  I pushed hot water through the squeeze opening to clean that out or you can run it right in from the outside straight from the tap.  They say dishwasher safe on the outside...but I don't know how well it would clean them inside without propping them open somehow.  I'll be hand washing/rinsing these I think.  Also, I froze them but left two in the refrigerator since I would be needing them the next day or so.  They thaw pretty fast in hot water and stay cold in a diaper bag thawing slowly and hmmm...could probably keep a sandwich cold if an ice pack is necessary. ;)
So there you have it-pouches for on the fly on the cheap. ;)
In response to a question in the comments on expansion when freezing.  The bottom of the pouch was totally flat when I put it in the freezer and this is what it looks like after being frozen through.  I'm impressed as I didn't take the precaution to ensure it didn't explode and filled it to the top.  These little pouches took good care of me though. :)
I wrote the the company with the link to the post and asked for six more "on the house"...we'll see what they say. ;)

They responded with a yes :D  Thanks for prompting me to ask :)


We would love to. We will send it out tomorrow.

Andy and Katie

Yummi Pouch
Refillable & Reusable Food Pouches"

*side note- I didn't get any free stuff for doing this post (nor any other post I've ever done)...Though I sure would have liked it if I had ;) ;)


T and M said...

good idea...i've always froze homemade baby food in ice cube trays, but this does look easier for on the go ( :

emilykate said...

Maybe next time you should ask the company if they'll send you free stuff for blogging about it...pretty good PR!

L, Ann and boys said...

Emily...I just might send them the link. ;)

Ashton said...

I really like this let's see if I actually get around to making my own baby food this time around.:) I always have such high hopes (cloth diapers being another example), but in the end I'm just never the enterprising Proverbs 31 woman I'd like to be.:)

Ashton said...

Oh, and I love the way your bathroom renovation turned out by the way! So nice!

L, Ann and boys said...

Oh yes...Proverbs 31 women indeed. ;) I've gotten more domestic with each child as I watch the experience of early mothering slip away. Now I sound old. ;)

J and A said...

Aiden (and Liam) love the pouches. They do make convenient, esp for outdoor excursions like the beach, zoo and park. I didn't know they had reusable pouches, though it makes sense someone would've created them by now! Maybe I'll have to check into getting some. Did you fill your freezer pouches up all the way, or allow room to expand?

Betsy said...

For real?! They sell these? My boys LOVE pouches but boy are they pricey here - like triple what they are in the US. So they are a no-go except for very special (desperate) occasions. So you are getting my wheels turning to grab a few of these when we're back home...thanks! You should totally make them pay you for that post.

L, Ann and boys said...

I filled them all the way up because the bottom seemed to be like an envelope that hadn't opened all the way up yet with a bit of room to expand. Now I'm curious and will go check the ones in the freezer. ;)

I'm back-they did expand on the bottom and I'll post a picture of it as it's kind of hard to explain. :)