Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The last post of my planned food week

This is the soup posted on Emily's blog  I think she said it was from Real Simple.  So I didn't let it cook long enough before serving...I let it cook an hour, but didn't give it a stir every now and then so the sweet potatoes on top were more firm than the one on the bottom of the pot.  After letting it cook another hour it was the right be sure to give yourself a time buffer if you try it. :)  The flavor was really good but almost too sweet for me.  I'm sure the recipe wanted to compliment the sausage which is kind of a sweet meat and I didn't go crazy on the salt which may have balanced it a bit.  Making it this way is really easy as everything is thrown in at once but I think the wow factor could be bumped up by cooking the sweet potatoes separate and throwing them in a blender to make a creamy base.  Maybe that wouldn't jive with the greens and lentils, but it would be fun to blend even half of them and add the rest chunky to see what would happen. :)

 And since we got beef for Christmas from Luke's grandparents...there is red meat on the menu quite often so the freezer doesn't  have a seizure from overflowing roasts.  This recipe link has good technique with browning (supposed to on all sides but this round shape was kind of hard to do that with).  I left out the potatoes because I don't like how they soak up all the fat and get... lifeless.  I prefer them cooked in a stoneware dish with olive oil and garlic separately....or baked potato with sour cream  and steak sauce...or mashed.  Pretty much anyway but cooked in red meat drippings. ;)  The recipe also has horseradish and sour cream as a garnish which is a fun change of pace for our household.
And that's all of the recipes I had flagged and ready to go.  If I plan another week of meals like this...I'll be back to blogging about it I'm sure (so the boys can ask why I'm taking pictures of my orange pot again :).  Who knows what we'll eat the next few days since I'm to the end of my book marks. :/  I hope to do this again as it relieved that dreadful question "what do you guys want for dinner?" and the blank stares that follow that only mean they are hungary already. ;)  With cookbooks on hand and the endless free cooking websites, I really should never be at a complete loss on what to cook and be short on the extra ingredients I need.  IF I can sit down and think about it for a minute.  It's just finding that minute-I would so rather sit and do nothing at all the whole 60 seconds worth. ;)

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