Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The farm house fell through...

I told someone it all "blew up" and she thought I meant literally. :)  Long story kind of short, Bob, the doc Luke works with, and his wife Karen invested in land and the house with the intent to sell the house if at all possible and keep the land around their current property...the only problem was they needed more money to put into the purchase and partnered with Karen's brother...who wanted to rent the property from the start but agreed to see if they could sell it by word of mouth first in a private sale.  We met with everyone and had a verbal agreement (the brother included)... they had a survey of the property done, home inspection finished, papers drawn up for renting and intention of buying when/if our house sold and set a day to sign the paper work.  the day before writing our rental check and signing, the brother threw a fit and said he wouldn't sign and wanted to buy the house as a rental investment himself.  His new hired man was waiting and ready to be a long term renter.  Being a family situation, it went his way to hold the peace.

The biggest loss for me was the sweet school room with old wood floors.  But who knows, it may go on the market later on down the road if it's supposed to be our house.  we won't be too quick to start in on a private sale again with said brother though. :)

And what was there to do besides start a reno project to take our minds off of the change of plans. ;)  Our master bathroom finally got a floor upgrade from the sad laminate with the less than patina like crack by the toilet.  

Luke contemplating the future chaos of the project before pulling the toilet up :)

 The crack that annoyed me...but not enough to put a toilet shaped rug over it apparently :)
 the labor force was willing and worked for fruit by the foot
 But lost steam quickly when Luke left for work.  The floor was stubborn and came up in tiny one inch chunks.  As night fell on day one it looked like this:
 The big man came home and things took a turn for the better the next day.  He patched a soft spot in the sub floor around the toilet and laid the hard board.
 And the next day got even better as he got all the tile dry fitted and then put down with mortar.  Now it's drying before we can do the grout and seal it.  The next set of pictures will be the grand reveal.  And I'll be much happier with all the tools out of our bedroom. :D


smw said...

i feel like this is my story so many times. only to this extent once or twice, but still. it always leaves me feeling very crazy emotionally. trying to stay steady, but kind of bummed. :( we just looked at a house this week (we do it off and on without being super serious), but i came home and am determined to do something to fix up our dining room. i mean really. why do i try to save money and never fix things up really nice when we've been here almost 10 years, and could be here forever, by the looks of things? :)

L, Ann and boys said...

:) Ya, it helps a lot to have a project to focus on. Something that lasts while the rest of the house gets re-cluttered again...and again. :)

Ashton said...

I'm still so sorry for you guys and that awful situation. But the bathroom floor really does look great. And so does the basement. If it's any consolation, you have a very cute house with a lot of good memories attached to it.:)

L, Ann and boys said...


It's true it's true. I'm more annoyed that we weren't even looking and they presented the opportunity...and then took it away to leave the void that wasn't even there before. :) But they sent me an edible flower arrangement with chocolate I'm well on my way to absolute forgiveness. ;) ;)

J and A said...

What a bummer about the farm house. It sounded divine :) God will provide though in His timing... and until He does, enjoy your renovations! :)

L, Ann and boys said...

thanks Amber :)

Sarah said...

Fun project!

(I totally understand with the house disappointment. We had something like that happen too - it was such a runaround. We found out we didn't get our house and had to give it up. About a week later, through a strange turn of events, we got it back! God knows! Hang in there!)