Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stroller rant

This first video initially made me think "wow, that's pretty cool" then after thinking of actually using the thing, the more logical thoughts of a mom with five kids settled in.  I currently use an umbrella stroller for Willem that cost $20; it's plain jane grey and I love it.   Love it to pieces really, as taking it on a plane scuffed it up a little bit in front and the big kids often play with it in not so gentle ways.  But hey.  That's the glory of it.  I didn't cry when I saw what the airline did to it.  It's just a cheap, decent looking stroller.  It serves me...not the other way around.  Plus the little thing weighs in a probably around 7 lbs, I don't really know as I just picked it up and thought "oh ya, I can carry that and maybe four other things and a kiddo or two." ;)  Now lets hypothetically consider how I would feel if anyone touched my brand spanking new $850 Origami stroller shown ( cost that much)...and that's after somehow getting it out of the vehicle without being annoyed at the weight and space it ate up with it's existence. But wait, you haven't given due glory to the techie features you may want to interject. It tells you the outside temp, and self charges for auto open and close, has running lights and shows a picture of a baby in the seat if it senses it doesn't fold up on it if you forgot he/she was in there. phone (and dare I say skin) tells me the general temp outside too and my eyeballs tell me if the kid is in the stroller...which I normally don't try to fold up when he's sitting in it.  And at this point I'll say folding up my umbrella stroller seems a smidgen more simple than clearing the area for crazy stroller to cave in with creepy mechanical noises abounding (see bottom movie minute 6:00 for that action).  And running lights would be nice I suppose if I was ever walking down a dark ally with my baby...?  I've never even considered needing such a thing...but now I may tape one of those tap lights to the bottom of my umbrella stroller frame if I'm ever in a pinch. ;)  I may never have thought of it because I normally leave my kids with a sitter if I get the chance to be out at that I think of it.  We pretty much pay the sitter just so she'll do the bedtime routine sometimes and we grab sushi and are home before 10p-best date ever really all things considered. And hey!  We've got like...a whole year of baby sitting money if I just keep my umbrella stroller instead of upgrading. ;)

*Now...after writing this, I realize there are less extreme strollers that are worth investing in that are above umbrella grade and are really exciting for moms to research and buy.  I'm not trying to knock that.  I just craigslisted a new car seat that was still probably too much used because It was fun for the new baby.  So I'll try not to raise my eyebrows if I ever see you with the above Origami stroller. To each his/her own on the small stuff. ;)

*Also... total random side note: if you have a Maclaren stroller, check online/call to see if it needs hinge covers. over a million of their strollers have been recalled and need it added for pretty serious finger pinching reasons (10 cases reported, so it's legit).  Just came across that ordering a car seat carrier frame (umbrella style of course) by that brand.


Sandra said...

oh my...what next??? HAA HAAA

emilykate said...

I've seen these a lot in photos of celebrities...:) And I thought my Britax was fancy!

L, Ann and boys said...'s loud. No matter how cool the celeb looks, with a Japanese name it should be quiet and soothing and it's not. :) Just for the noise, it should be $400 less. And ya, it's trendy green because it charges it'self, but you only need that charge if you can't muscle up and fold it even that seems unnecessary -though cool that designers made it happen.

I like the britax strollers (the three wheel ones especially) good choice.


J and A said...

Impressive. And I thought my craigslist purchase of the BOB was a spend. This would have been good ammo to show my husband to convince him sooner ;) I don't mind if my stroller gets beat up more (since it was made for the trails anyways), and I love that it's big enough that even with the single, I never had to fold it up to put through the airport security belt-- one less thing when you are juggling a toddler or two :) But I do admit, every once in a while I wish I had that umbrella stroller in my trunk instead!

L, Ann and boys said...

I love craigslist!:)