Monday, January 28, 2013

Mean Streets...

Back in November...on a freezing cold eve...I got to meet/get better aquatinted with a bunch of the nurses Luke works with at the Mean Street race downtown.  It was well worth the effort looking back.  And since they posted pictures for the Indy's a visual overview. :)  And we finished the night with Bru Burger which was a new experience as well. :)  I ordered a hamburger with an egg on it to which the waiter gave an approving nod...I could only finish half of it. :D  I didn't know it at the time, but I was a few weeks pregnant.  That explains why a burger joint sounded so good. ;)

We shivered and shook waiting for our numbers

we ran with the penguins...which made is seem even colder ;)
 crawled through the tunnels
 jumped some fences
 high stepped some tires
jumped into some foam blocks in a dumpster...after waiting in line a while
 laughed at the high school track team yelling, cheering and freezing in their little track shorts and thin tights. :D
 I hit my head on those dumb screws hanging down, I'll blame it on the dark.  No harm done. :) 
 Along the canal
 And the mighty finish with a racing sprint...I think Luke is slowing down so we could cross the finish  together-he doesn't usually run hunched over like that. ;)
So there you have it.  Cold, long lines...but fun and a change up on a common date night. :)


emilykate said...

Ha, that's awesome...and crazy. I could maybe imagine doing it when it was warmer...

Ashton said...

Ya, the cold really made everyone less coordinated. :) Good times though, good times.

L, Ann and boys said...

ummmm...That was me (Andria) commenting. Ash was here for dinner and it looks like she checked her e-mail. :)