Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cybex Ruby stroller review

No, this little darling isn't Ruby...and I didn't take this (though I would sure claim it)...but if I have a little girl (see added images added 18 months later below :D, I want this picture or something similar.

And as it turns out...we had a girl and named her Gisella Rene`- here are the copy cat pictures :)

okay...back to the stroller review. ;)

 This is the Ruby below with a Peg Perego infant seat strapped in it.  The things that were most important for this mama when looking for a stroller: It's super light, has a shoulder strap for when it's folded up, is compatible with my car seat and has secure straps that aren't a pain to take off and don't go across the baby like a seat belt (meaning getting the baby out isn't complicated by the a strap), expandable/movable sun shade if needed, auto locks when folded, two step fold for security and other little perks I don't care as much locking front wheels, slight adjustable seat back and sold separate cup holder :)
My biggest thing besides being able to stick an infant seat in it is: the fold up (well that, and the fact it's made in Germany).  Without the shade on, it's an even more compact fold, but who's going to take it off and put it back on all the time?  Not me. :)  All and all, I don't think it looks like a cut corners cheap setup even though it was much cheaper than others I looked at.  Since it can be used after baby grows out of the infant seat, this was the cheapest quality set up I could find with the features I wanted (totally eliminated the single purpose car seat frame carrier I was considering).  And since the car seat was a craigslist buy, I'm getting a sort of good deal high over here. ;) ;) Luke has no idea why I'm getting these things right before we move.  He has no idea how nice it feels (as a transitioning mom) to have this figured out with everything else going crazy. :)  I think I can officially picture getting all my kids into the Y or church by myself now. Sigh :)
 Here's a real blurry picture (sorry) of the car seats that are compatible with the securing straps sold separately for $19.97 on Amazon.

Review updated Feb 2013:
So I've put our little my little guy in it for a spin.  Not my newborn, but my two year old and I'm quite pleased with it.  It folds out and back in with ease even with the extra straps for the carseat still attached and hanging into the storage basket underneath.   The seatbelt clips are a tiny bit hard to undo, but I'm kind of happy about it as my two year old would most likely free himself otherwise.  The clip in front looks very sleek too, which is nice.  The ride isn't ultra smooth.  It's the same as my $20 umbrella stroller.  I have no complaints on this as the stroller never claimed to have suspension or aired up tires to make it smooth.  I simply lift the wheels over big drop offs in the sidewalk. :)  Looking forward to using it with the new little one too.

Review updated July 27th 2013:
Our little Gisella Rene` is here! :)  I've used the stroller on several outings so far and have no complaints.  It got me though an apt at the hospital that would have been a major pain without it.  I had to do a follow up newborn screen for the baby and this stroller came right back to the lab area with no trouble because it was so small.  Getting it into a public bathroom is not a problem either, even if you have to hold the door yourself, because it's small enough to push the handles forward from the front if that makes sense.  My diaper bag fits in the under storage compartment (it's not big, a medium sized purse actually), I don't miss having ten cup holders (I usually just keep a small bottle in my purse if anything) and I still LOVE how small this set up is.  The first time I used it, it was raining and the stroller shade and car seat cover shade met up just enough to keep my 5 day old newborn from getting wet.  I love the shoulder strap; you fold the stroller down, it locks and then you just pick up the strap to put this in the car.  I also love that I've never see a stroller set up like this when I'm out and about making it unique.  It's not trendy, it's just a nice, small, efficient travel system without frills...but if you are a mom that's been there done that, you know everything you need is packed in there. :)


Erika said...

Thanks for doing your research~ I'm going to benefit from it! :) I was contemplating whether or not I could get by with what I had, but now I'm rethinking that idea! This stroller looks perfect!

L, Ann and boys said...

Yay for that Erika. Have fun with the further googling research. ;)


smw said...

i get highs off of figuring looming decisions out, too. :) and i was just thinking yesterday or today that i might be more likely to leave my house if i had a plan in mind for how i was going to smoothly transport several little people and bunches of their junk. maybe i'll work on making that decision soon. (look out budget.) :)

ps-the pic of that little girl is just to die for. i don't have words for it. :) i'll look forward to seeing your use of it at some point.

L, Ann and boys said...

And no one mentioned that I typed "sweat pea" instead of sweet :)? Oh dear...such a mess...always.