Saturday, January 19, 2013

An oldie but a goodie...

Stir fry.  I've made it so many times it makes me a board sort of way.  I found myself thinking "I don't do it that way" while following this recipe...I think that's kind of the point when trying something new though right? ;)

First new thing was browning thin sliced garlic and then removing from oil to serve on top of the stir fry.  I have mixed opinions on doing this again.  I thought the garlic flavor was pretty strong but Adrian was eating them I guess it's personal preference.  I think it would be best to mince the garlic into the sauce added at the end so it doesn't scorch or put whole cloves (smashed a bit if you like a stronger flavor) in the oil and then discard.
Another thing new to me was "oelek".  I'm excited about adding this to any stir fry I make from now on.  It made it taste more like Panda Express with a bit of heat but not too much.  Or it was the brown sugar and ginger I normally don't add that made it taste like chain food...but it was a good rounded out flavor.
chop chop
And the meat.  I would normally throw it in solo and sear it.  Then I take it out to rest while I cook the veggies.  This recipe said to just throw it in with the veggies at the end just until browned then add the sauce.  It was still really good and I was surprised that it didn't get rubbery or chewy from all the steam.
 verdict:  I'll add it to my box


Mindy said...

Is this the recipe Natalie posted on my facebook thread?! It looks a lot like it! This makes me even more excited to try it - yum!

I'm LOVING all these recipes! Keep them up! I NEED ideas as you know. :)

L, Ann and boys said...


not sure if it's the same, but if it's got the oelek, it should be a new flavor profile than the ho-hum plain soy sauce versions. :)

And I've got two more bookmarks...then I'll be starting over next week. ;) Glad you like the not so grand images and my commentary on kitchen misshapes and pondering. ;)