Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This is not a beauty blog...

But I find myself needing to post about things I love every now and then.  I'm not sure why I think I've got the authority to post about this stuff...I really don't know all that much about "makeup". But one thing I like, and that's natural and healthy looking; so whenever I think I'm getting a little closer in the fight for that, I feel I must share. ;)

I stopped wearing mascara.  GASP.  I know.  I posted a while back about Clinique's long wear, and while that flaked less than anything else I've tried, my eyes were still getting bugged.  So I tried this combo and I'm totally hooked.  I know this will not be for requires some patience when you put on the dye stuff (28 day...) and it will stain skin if you mess up putting it on and don't wipe it off right away- so it's a bit high maintenance-but then its' done-for days and days.  My sort of dark brown lashes are black to the tips which is why I used mascara in the first place.  Hip-hip-hooray.  I add this tinted conditioner (Lash masque) and eyelash curler when "going out" which kind of hydrates and makes them stick together a bit so they look...fuller.  But it doesn't dry really hard or flake.  It's like lotion and semi-transparent if you swipe it on your palm.  I do a clear conditioner at night if I so desire and/or remember which makes them grow a bit longer too and that's it fokes.  No more mascara.  If you see me day to day and haven't noticed, I'll count it as a victory...if you have...maybe don't say anything as my sensitive eyes will be very mad at you for the vote back to traditional wands.  And I hope no one is disappointed I didn't take pictures of my eyes and post before and after shots.  I didn't think that far ahead. ;)

Happy Day to you! :)  

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