Thursday, November 1, 2012


Conversation on the way home from the YMCA this morning...

Adrian: Why is the YMCA called the Y?
Me: I actually don't know what the letters stand for. We'll look it up.
Noah: That's a funny Why question...
Adrian: Why?
Noah: It's the Y
Me: big smile
Adrian: Mom, you have something green in your teeth
Me: What!? Why didn't you tell me right after we ate subs?
Adrian: It looks like a grasshopper.

conversation around the dinner table last night:

Me: Noah made me coffee this morning (over-exaggerated glowing smile)
Luke: nice, did you make her decafe or regular?
Noah: I don't know, I just found it on the counter.
me: the coffee can?
Noah: No, the coffee I put in the press.
(my face scrunches in an odd way-Luke dies laughing)
Me: You made me two cups... where did you get THAT coffee?
Noah: I ground that...but that first cup could have been anything...probably moth wings.

One of my more proud parenting moments.

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smw said...

:) such comforting words. :)