Saturday, October 13, 2012

Homemade gelato

2 cups milk
1/3 cup sugar
3 egg yolks 
2 tablespoons cornstarch
splash of Rum
generous tablespoon of nutella
I scoured the internet, shunned recipes with cream (as that makes "ice cream" and I like ice cream, but was trying to make gelato), wrinkled my nose at a few with "fat free half and half"listed (they sell that? what's the other half?), and pondered what powdered milk would taste like on the palette.  Hmmmm...the prospect of making good...even passable gelato was looking bleak.  The only thing I had going for me was the churning bowls were already frozen and ready to go since I keep them stored in the freezer.  Finally I found a very simple recipe on a blog and the author had made her own pistachio paste with the raw nuts and agave syrup on the kind of cook.  She had used whole milk though and I only had 1%.  I wanted gelato bad enough to forge on and conceded to using a bit of cornstarch since low fat milk doesn't thicken up as well as whole.  I knew what the custard needed to taste like before freezing it because I diligently took mental notes on the bits of melted gelato left in the cup while we traveled.

I stirred the milk, sugar until it dissolved and then added the bit of cornstarch (premixed with 1/4 cup of the milk)...and stirred and stirred.  It reached bubbling temp but still wasn't thick enough.  Not like I remembered it.  Drat.  It needed the egg yolks that this recipe had left out.  So picture me, with Willem hanging on my leg, pushing my custard off the heat element and stirring it every now and then so it wouldn't scorch or seize, while whisking three egg yolks by hand until pale and thick.  Oh, and I should get a picture of that with my phone too. ;)  It was just what it needed to thicken the rest of the way though, and now I had "crema" flavored custard.  You should have been here Andrea. :)

Knew it was thick enough when I could trace a neat swipe through with my finger on the back of the spoon.  I added a splash of the rum to all, and then a generous spoonful of nutella to half the custard and left the other half plain.
 Then they hit the fridge (after cooling a bit on the counter) for about 6 hours
 conveniently, the kiddos were in bed when it was time to churn.  More for me ;)
The moment of truth.  When the churning slowed down and it sounded like the engine might burn out...I figured it was done.  Took about 20 minutes.  The results were much better than I had hoped.  Super dense, super thick, super smooth and super nutella-y. ;)
 Melt factor gives away the milk base...gelato kind of refreezes on it's self when in mass...but melts quickly around the edges (I think because of it's lower fat content).
 makes me so so happy-I guess you'll never know if it's really good unless you come over and let me make it for you. ;)  I'll need an 8 hour notice it can chill.
 The crema flavor and texture were quite lovely as well.  I ate it all right off the mixer...this is when I started to feel a little bit sick.  Maybe half quart of gelato is a bit too much. ;)
But I guess I didn't eat it all...I saved this little bit for Luke to try. ;)  It was frozen up a bit more after being stowed overnight in the warmer part of the freezer...a bit more like ice cream texture...but the flavor was still very nice and unchanged.  I wouldn't say freezing ruined it completely-the nutella and rum may have helped keep it soft.  Alcohol doesn't freeze.  
Now I must figure out cocoa (aka coconut) to be completely satisfied.

Wait- what's that?  A crepe?  Andrea's guess made me jump up and run to the kitchen.  Why have a never thought of mixing rum with nutella and smearing it all over my crepe?
Added a splash of chocolate almond milk to thin it down a bit as well...this will be repeated for sure.  Just when I though nutella couldn't get any better.  I love playing with food. :)


smw said...

yum! never thought of rum on crepes. sounds marvelous!

andrea said...

it's great with grand marnier