Monday, October 8, 2012

Pisa and Eco Del Mare

Rewind a day.  Portovenere was actually day two, the leaning tower was day one.  We landed in Pisa Monday morning and we had decided to go see the tower first thing to check it off the list.  We were rather jet lagged as we both didn't catch on to the "sleep sitting upright" routine others seemed to have figured out.

It's interesting to me that this is the first picture on my memory card.  Some school boys walking home. The kids, bikes, the scooters...even the graffiti...marked the time of year we went and my first impression of the country.
 I didn't know the tower would be so big!  And that the church next to it was even bigger. =)

 In the news..."Due to severe fatigue and mounting aggression from difficulties finding a free parking lot, a wife who couldn't read a city map in Italian or program a TomTom without countless errors, visiting American pushes the leaning tower passed the point of repair."
 Just a cat and some black shorts.
 Our first glimpse of the cove where we stayed the first five days.  We stopped to take pictures because the water was so pretty and then discovered the lookout point was right above the parking lot for our hotel, Eco Del Mare.  It was off season, which was great price-wise and crowd-wise. 
The long walk down the cliff.  we got used to it.
 LOVED the room decor and it smelled wonderful when we walked in.  We shared the room with a few ants and an occasional centipede...ahhhh the joys of nature. ;)
 Custom made cabinet and light fixtures.  I spent the better part of a half hour trying to figure out just how they were put together. =)
 Off the porch.  

 The portal for the sound of waves to sneak in...
 First dinner in Italy at the hotel restaurant.  Our server "Evan, pronounced: Ee-v-ah-n"expounded on the menu as follows:"What is this item?"  
"and this one?"
"and this last option"
"Okay, we'll have the fish."   
 What comes out when you order the "feesh" antipasti.  Everything we ate here was delightfully authentic to the coast and yummy.
 more "feesh"...
 dessert was not fish...and we wanted more. ;)
 Twinkle lights galore.  I always tried to do this to my room in high school.  I totally fell for this place's atmosphere and felt right at home.
 Hang out inside the cliff-ish cave...with an espresso machine in the corner... just in case ;)
 I thought about ordering tea...but left it at three
 Immediate proof that we found the right hotel: My make up bags matched the bathroom stuff perfectly.  Luke didn't think this was very convincing hard evidence as we had just arrived minutes before, but I was having a major aunt Connie moment and couldn't be swayed otherwise. heeehee =)


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this looks lovely.

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Love that hotel!