Tuesday, October 9, 2012


 I pulled a black dress out of my suitcase for our day in Lucca thinking it may be too dressy.  The bigger issue were the heels I was determined to wear with it. Considering a main attraction to Lucca is the 2.5 mile trail for biking or walking around the entire city on top of the defense wall, most wise tourist go for flats or tennis shoes.  There was no way this dress was getting onto a bike.  Oh well, it reminded me of my grandma (DeLisa) Mathew, so I decided not to worry about it but did shove a pair of slippers into my camera bag in case I started limping. ;)  Luke was already down at breakfast, so I went to meet him before we hit the road in the rented Fiat...this is the scene I took in as I exited our room:  Some kind of Italian fashion magazine model shoot.  I didn't feel overdressed anymore for some reason.  Not that it matters so much what I'm wearing but...I was really glad I didn't have tennis shoes on okay? ;)      
Breakfast...I didn't complain. :) I continued to shamelessly stare at the photo session in progress while sipping my strong coffee
 One of many style sessions on this fellow's hair
 The whole scene, far left: another style session on the guys hair (like the 4th one seriously).  Center: girl model studying poses while she waits.  Far right: all the hotel staff eating together once the guests had finished and drifted off for the day.
 Love this-to the left is our server Evan from the night before chatting it up with the hair stylist.  Everyone just hung out and had a pretty good time.  Not stuffy at all.  I'm taking this picture from where I parked it for breakfast...I felt in the way, but they insisted I didn't need to move...even when they took pictures a few feet away at an adjacent table.
We made it to Lucca via car on the Autostrada.  This is the scooter I would choose for inner city moving about. ;)
we found a botanical garden.  Very cool. No one there but us.
Also in the gardens-everywhere you looked, a photo backdrop

The church square
 A peek at the tower with trees on top at the end of the street
 church front
 cute little boys playing street tennis to the right of the statue
 Street by the church square-love the white trees.
 I literally burned through the heel cushion on my shoes down to the metal tack that holds it on walking around all day.  I finally put on my slippers for the walk around the city.  I was interested in all the locals running and walking.  It reminded me of the Monon trail in Indy.  Found a baby gift for Olivia Noel. :)


Amber said...

I'm living vicariously through you Ann . .. love it.

L, Ann and boys said...

I looked up "vicariously" just to be sure on the full definition. A very good word I will be adding to my vocabulary. =)

Mindy said...

LOVE!! It's like a breath of fresh air. And I ditto Amber's comment. :)

J Gutwein said...

You forgot to mention that your nephew, luca, and his Mohawk would have been the perfect accessory ;).. Hehe!

Sarah said...

Love these posts...

L, Ann and boys said...

yes it's true Jen...it's true