Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Last pictures of Italy...

 Some images I left out from our dinner in Sarzana with Andrea and Masha.  This wouldn't be that cool of a spot to do a Renaissance faire would it...? ;)

 Sarzana has a night life-much more alive as the light fades than other places we went

 we stopped at this open air hangout before going to dinner
 vaulted ceiling was super cool at the restaurant 
 Rabbit was the main course...Andrea told me to stop using silverware and just use my hands ;)
 We spent our last morning at Eco lazing around the beach because it was nice and sunny (I didn't include these pictures before)
throwing rocks :)
 Luke and I both took the kaiak out
 A french family was there for the morning...the two little girls were so so cute
Dinner in Volostra- prosciutto with mellon
 "fruit of the sea" pasta
We had another slow paced morning in Portovenere our last full day...watched the boats, I swam out to the raft even though the water wasn't all that warm.  But there was coffee to warm up.
fishing boat

 Oh, I forgot this "Andrea" (on the right) we met at our favorite place to get lunch in Portovenere :)
"Saby" serving us another lunch

 called the "rock church"...my imagination ran wild with this one...:)
 colorful chairs... our perch for watching the scenes of the morning
Luke becomes an extra in "Ferrari part II" heeeheee...not really but they were really filming it 
 Oh good, more people watching subjects
A very expensive car...
real extras waiting for their cue-we had to wait here on the walk until a break in filming

 Luke unafraid of hights...
 straight down to the water and rocks below
 Byron's cove-he swam in the inlet to the right.  The taxi guy Andrea (previously pictured),  jumped into the cove from...I don't know...I very stomach turning distance off the rocks above.  It's the cool bragging rights thing to do for locals I guess.  

 black and white details on church dome I noticed matched the stripe patterns in the rocks along the water
 Then to finish off our last day...we went and looked at a very old Italian house that Andrea used to visit as a child.  Then we went to a grocery for dinner supplies.  We left late and didn't get to our hotel in Pisa until around 2 am and then we woke up for our flight at 6 am.  We should have slept in our car that night.  Or in Lorenzo's little tent. ;)

~La Fine~


Jon y Amy said...

I loved journeying along with you! Looks like such a wonderful trip. I am so glad you got to go!

Kelli's Blog said...

Thanks so much for posting all the wonderful pictures. I loved living the journey with you through the blog.

Sara Huber said...

Oh my goodness, this looks like an absolutely amazing trip. I'm so glad you took the chance to do this! Seriously, beautiful photos!!!!

L, Ann and boys said...

Thanks all for the very enduring comments. :) It was fun to wade through all the pictures and post