Sunday, October 7, 2012


Well...we're back.  I nearly had a breakdown loading Willem into the car before Luke drove them up to my mom and dad's (then later they went to his parent's)-but we all survived the separation of two weeks rather well, all things considered.  Luke really wanted my camera battery to die toward the end of this I would stop taking so many pictures.  You can be sure the next few posts will be a smattering of as many as you all will tolerate. ;)  

Portovenere is what I thought Italy looked like in my head.  Some parts do look like this, some parts don't-but it was really amazing to see after so much imagining in my mind. 

My first Italian street wondering...I think I forgot Luke was with me... for a little while. ;)
 Medieval entrance to the city
 One of two churches in the city.  This one (I think) used to be the site of a temple to Venus (hence the city name "port+verne or venus").
 The other church bell tower viewed through castle defense window 
 if you look straight up while walking the narrow streets with no access for cars
 this pear juice puree took me back to childhood.  I used to ask my mom to buy me pear or apricot baby food puree as a treat.  She must have thought it was a worthier request than a candy bar at the store, so I was usually granted my request.  It tasted just like it...just like it.  I'll let you form your own opinions on that...and the fish on toasted bread rounds.
This is a view of "Andria Doria Castle" from the water.  My goal to see this castle may seem rather egocentric, but I really wanted this trip to answer some questions I had about my name. did. =)
 couples place locks on the outer church wall window with their names on them as a symbol of locked commitment.  I didn't know or I may have brought one of my own...I think Luke and I will make it despite the oversight. ;)
 Inside the church
 A major clue to my name search!  I didn't get this information from anyone I visiting this church in Portovenere was a really good idea after all.  This is a depiction of the apostle Andrew on the main doors.  Notice the Italian version of the name is not Andrew but "Andrea".  This is the reason why all the individuals we met in Italy with this name were male.  When I said my name was Andria, it was like saying "hi, my name is Andrew."  Not to mention the fact no one spells it with an "i" except for a city in Italy down south and this castle name (which is interchangeably listed with an "e" spelling).  
 okay...I'll stop...for today.  But I've got more coming on the name search and you know I've got more pictures.  This is only the first city after all. ;)


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Mindy said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to see more! Italy is amazing...I want to go back!!

Dmasy said...

2I will be reading each report. Beautiful photos. I can't think of any one would would savor the trip more than you. Kaitlin was here last night!!

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BEAUTIFUL! Excited to see more!

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Oh wow! How amazing!

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You just spent two weeks in Italy?! How awesome! Excited to see all the photos!

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Love!! Italy is the number 1 country on my bucket list... can't wait to see more!!