Thursday, October 11, 2012

Invite to dinner x3 and Siena

It's time you met Andrea and his wife Masha.  They have a darling baby Lorenzo that is Willem's age (so I got some much needed snuggles).  We met Andrea the first day at Eco (he's manages it and does translation work) and he helped us plan our ventures (a soccer game in particular) much more smoothly.  He and Masha welcomed us into their home and cooked for us not once, but twice, in addition to taking us to a local restaurant in Sarzana.  Pasta with fresh parsley, steak florentine, mushroom and saffron rosotto, local cheese and salami and local gelato to name a few of the things they served.  YUM.  There is no way we could pay them enough for the authentic experiences they added to our we hopefully will return the favor if they ever want to see Chicago/Indianapolis (Did you hear that Andrea and Masha..?...our boys want to meet Lorenzo! :).    

stairs up to the living area/dinning room, first floor is the kitchen.

Love all of the books
Larenzo's hang out.
Coolest baby gate ever :)

Exposed original rock wall (200? 500 years old) along the stair well
Dinner prep

pasta first and no picture of the steak florentine because I was too busy eating it. ;)
You know it was a good meal with three bottles of local wine sitting out afterward...and cafe` and gelato to finish
their street at night

The next morning we were off to explore tuscany inland.  Though Luke and I both knew we would miss the ocean.
A little pizzeria in Siena
Some artwork displayed on a napkin.  American JackDaniel's decor as well. :)

Oh the coffee...the coffee

If you are going to hang unmentionables (left)...they should match and be pretty right? :)
Shot up the church bell tower
This is a stolen image from the internet.  We didn't pay the 40 eruo to go inside...maybe we should have...We really need to see the excitement of the horse race in August for the real deal story of this city...Siena is all about their horses.  
church exterior side entrance
We spent a small fortune on gelato as I insisted on trying it whenever humanly possible.  Crema, cocoa/coconut and hazelnut...hard to decide which I prefer.  Good thing they assume you want all different flavors in your little cup... one scoop of each is just how it's done by default. :)
In the gelato shop...exuding all things Italian-maybe they pay this dog to roam the streets so they look more authentic. :)
church details-front door
For tying horses?  I don't know...
Funny story...a classy french women saw me taking a picture of Luke through the window trying on a dress shirt and subtly grinned before telling her husband something in French I couldn't totally make out.  I assumed she thought it was silly I was enamored enough to be sneaking pictures though.  I pointed through the display window and said "My boy".  To which she giggled and totally understood what I said... I think. ;)
"my boy" admiring coffee accessories.
just some trees growing on the roof...
So instead of paying for tickets to see the church floor, I got my hair done.  It was Luke's idea!  really.  He asked if I wanted to get my hair done because the curlers taking up a 1/4 of his suitcase didn't work with the converter and basically turned into an electrical fire.  Would you have said no to a salon in Siena?!  
Of course they pin each curl up painstakingly and only charged 12 euro to do it.
Cute italian boy getting his hair cut asked if we were on our honey moon...just to be even cuter. ;)
Luke trying to pay 4x as much as they asked because the low price was confusing. ;)  The lady pictured said goodbye with the real deal kiss on both cheeks when she found out we had five boys at home.  Cutest thing ever.  I love the Italian warmth in that tradition.
What Siena did to me ;)


Ashton said...

That couple's house is so adorable! And I'm glad you went to Siena. It was one of my favorite cities...but I guess I could say that about all of them. Well, maybe not Naples.:) Too bad you didn't get to go inside the duomo. It really is incredible. But it looks like Siena was good to you, nonetheless.:)

Ashton said...

I felt guilty about bad-mouthing Naples, so I have to add that they really do have the best pizza in Italy. It's not a myth.

Sandra said...

have to say I like your skirt you are wearing:). Is it from H&M??
If so its one I tried on and bought, but sadly returned it the next day because it just didn't fit right in the hips:(.

L, Ann and boys said...

yes! It's from H&M and it was cheap-yay. :) I did have to decide between sizes because the fit was rather tight through the hips compared to the waist. I think they forgot women had hips at that store in general. ;)

And Ash, Luke had read the floors in that church are some of the prettiest in the world...but he kind of loathed anywhere with a crowd the whole trip (besides the soccer stadium that is ;). If we go again, we may do a few more touristy things. :)


Mindy said...

Adore the last pic of you!!! I love the streets in Italy, so quaint and gorgeous and rustic. LOVE!

andrea said...

The house has only half millennium :-) but you is normal. Certainly will be there in March


Dmasy said...

I think it is a good thing that you had 5 boys waiting for you...otherwise, I don't believe you would have ever returned. Who would have blamed you?

Heather Hoerr said...

SO fun to read about your travels and see pics! Brings back fun memories of when I sent to Italy in college. We went to Siena and Cinque Terre too - the Cinque Terre was my favorite, but sadly, we were some of those people that only planned a day to see it. :/ And I didn't even try to add up all the $ I spent on gelato.. one or two euros at a time isn't that much!? (times two, maybe three times a day :))

L, Ann and boys said...

Mary was good they were waiting...;) We would have run out of money buying gelato eventually. Although Luke was getting pretty good at speaking Italian with is spanish as a backbone-maybe he could have pulled some shifts at the local emergency clinic. heehee

Heather-at least three times a day ;-o

Ashton said...

It's a good thing you went in the fall then because during the summer there's pretty much a crowd everywhere, especially the Cinque Terre.

L, Ann and boys said...

Yes, his aunt recommended that when we told her we wanted to go in July since our anniversary was that month. Based on what we wanted to do she said that would be a no-no. :) I can't imagine not liking anytime of year though! :)

andrea said...

perhaps the worst month is November, when always rains...but do not cry we open the wine barrique and we taste the "novello" wine :)

Kelli's Blog said...

I have very much enjoyed all your pics. The are beautiful. I feel like I am there!...I wish I were there. It looks simply charming and lovely!!!

L, Ann and boys said...

Andrea...I love how you always tell me "not to cry." before breaking some bad news. :) It makes me smile every time so it must work. :)

Kelli-glad you are enjoying the pictures. I kind of wonder if thirty at a time is overkill when posting, but it makes me happy if they are fun to look at/experience. :)

smw said...

i seriously can't wait for each new post. i feel like i'm on a little vacation just looking at them. gives me an aching to get away somewhere magical with my man. :)

emilykate said...

This part of this trip sounds like it would have been my favorite! So great that you got your hair look awesome!

Sandra said...

haa haa, sadly I don't have a single ounce of hips(wish I had some), so it was the hips that were swimming on me and the waist was perfect.
None the glad it fits someone cause you look adorable in it!!

L, Ann and boys said...

Oh funny Sandra. ;) Way to blow my theory that the store had it all wrong not my waist hip ratio. heeehee :)