Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Five minutes...

prompt: race

time: 7:57p

There was this moment when I was riding my bike during my last race, when I had thought every other thought possible- that my mind found something new to ponder.  I hadn't eaten in a long time and I was burning through energy fast and my body was still going.  It's pretty incredible really.  Our bodies do that.  Most of the time it's annoying to a society with no shortage of food.  There are diet pills that claim to send food right through you and others that speed the burning of energy to melt our bodies away.  But in that moment...riding my bike alone in the middle of pretty much nowhere in a place I'd never been, with no food in dawned on me.  My on my team.  It's trying to keep me alive and moving in the most efficient way possible.  Our bodies are not gas guzzlers.  They are a work of art.  If you eat will be used or put away to be used later which is pretty ingenious.  We just don't often get the chance to marvel at this phenomena.  It's possible I will never view food the same again.  I most certainly won't get annoyed in the same way at my metabolism.  Imagine...being annoyed at something so completely practically genius.

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