Monday, October 8, 2012

Diapers diapers...

A diaper interruption in the recap of Italy...Skip if not entrenched in the world of diapering...=)

I'm home and changing diapers again...=)  I was talking with some moms about diapers Sunday and it got me into the experimenting kind of mood.
I dumped a full cup of water on all of these diapers. From left to right in order of absorbency power:
Luvs size 3, BestBottom with two liners, BestBottom with one liner, and a fuzzibunz with one liner

So, the disposable held two full cups of water with no leaking since it turns to gel.  No surprises there.  Your child could most likely wear this diaper all day. =)  The BestBottom with two liners is very dry on the outside after a full cup of water and is what I use on Will for overnight.  I think I could have dumped more water on it but didn't try.  Next up, BestBottom with just one bumgenius liner held a cup but had a little bit of wet along the leg.  The fuzzibuz with one bumgenius liner....leaked through and was wet across the whole bottom.  I think it's because this diaper is very old (like 7 years old), so the brand name should get a little grace there.  I've slowly been replacing my fuzzibunz diaper covers with the bestbottom ones as they wear out for two main reasons.  I can reuse the cover if the diaper is just wet by swapping out only the liner which saves on laundry.  It's a little easier to deal with a dirty diaper with a separate cover as apposed to a pocket diaper with the liner inside.  which brings up some questions about dealing with  cloth diapers. 

"Cloth diapers smell bad on my child after they wear them for a few hours..."

My first response is to wonder if Willem smells bad and no one has told me including my own mother...;)  Hmmmmmm....  I'm kind of sensitive to smells, so I don't think that's the case but I'm seriously all ears if you've ever noticed a strange aroma around my darling. =)  There are a few things that could cause off kilter smells:

Hard water-residue and minerals stick to the diaper as well as not allowing the soap to wash the diaper as well.  It's just plain hard to do laundry with hard water.  That being said, I added water softeners (not laundry softeners) to my diaper washing when we lived in apartments with hard water and soaked in Oxyclean every now and again to strip the residue off and got along okay.

Bleach-you can't bleach cloth diapers with great results.  The bleach smell is always horrid on them.  To disinfect, simply dry on a clothesline in the sun or the dryer kills all the germs too.

Any kind of detergent or softener that sticks to the diaper fabric will make them smell funny.  The diapers should smell like nothing when coming out of the washing process.

"The dirty diapers smell up the nursery space."

I agree and put the bag of dirty diapers in the bathroom by our laundry shoot.  when the bag smells (not when it's full) it goes down the shoot.

"The really messy dirty diapers are terrible to deal with before they go into the bag of dirty diapers."

I agree.  I don't like messy dirty diapers. =)  I think about mountains and the ocean when putting them into the dry zipper top bag...and while changing the diaper. ;)  We finish with nice smelling lotion. =)

"What do you do with the wipes?"

Well...I normally just throw them in the diaper like you would a disposable and wash them with everything else.  Then I throw them away when they come out of the washer.  That is unless we are dealing with a toxic bio hazard diaper.  Then you must arm yourself for the task with a grocery bag for the wipes and possibly a face mask with mint oil on it. ;)


emilykate said...

Italy to diapers...:)

After reading this I'm feeling less enthused about my cloth decision for some reason. But I'm sticking to it. I decided to go with the Bum Genius pocket diapers...I hear good things. But I'm tempted to order a few best bottom liners as well...

L, Ann and boys said...

dirty diapers from a newborn are not that gross. Honestly. I've never used the bum Genius ones, but have also heard good things about them. Basically, no matter the cloth diaper brand or even disposable...the diaper needs changed. No way around it. I don't consider a few more steps that big of a deal. I don't use cloth to save a few dollars like I used to...I just like the idea and process of it now. A newborn blows out of a disposable almost half the time (well, my babies did anyway) I always think it's much easier with cloth at that age because of that. So be encouraged with your choice. ;)

L, Ann and boys said...
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L, Ann and boys said...

I just posted the same thing twice...;) I always wonder what the author "deleted". =)