Friday, October 26, 2012

Black Market...

We've wanted to go for a while and just never could get around to stopping in at this restaurant.  Well...last night, after raking leaves, we got a sitter and Luke made it happen. 

Review:  in short, Fantastic.  The weather may have cast a magical spell on us being 70 with a light breeze, but this place is very much the real deal.  The head chef is a guy Luke grew up with in Northern that may have made us biased as well...but I don't think so.  The food is amazing.  The menu is short.  Just as it should be.  

Though it was supposed to be an on the fly date night...Luke's boss, Cherri (like the big boss, the one that runs the hospital boss) walked in a few minutes after we took our seats.  We were invited to her table with a few other people who arrived that Luke also works with.  So it was more like a merger meeting on the fly.  It was actually really fun (though I had my doubts when I moved my water glass to the other table-since I didn't know anyone that well and my seat was next to Cherri. ;)

Cherri and I quickly bonded over being a bit chicken to try the "bone marrow" starter.  Don't let this paint a color over all the food...this was an odd offering.  It was a good.  I only tried a little...with a good pinch of salt and nice big parsley sprig...but good.
 Totally unrelated.  This morning, Adrian found a doll I sewed way back in the day.  I'm not sure if I wanted it for a little girl I may have in the future or what...but here it is in all it's glory released from the dusty box.  From what I can tell, I even put blush on her cheeks. ;)  Will loves the thing and is dragging it all over the house saying "baby".  So it will be loved after all.  I'm not sure if "baby" will survive his version of love...but it will be loved.  

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emilykate said...

Thought about trying Black Market the last time we were in Indy...but chose somewhere else. Next time! Sounds good but I do think there would be a couple things on the menu I wasn't interested in.