Monday, September 10, 2012

Talking makeup basics...

I know finding the right mascara is a personal thing...but if you are on the search for one right now, maybe this one will work (clinique long wear).  I kept getting annoyed that by the end of the day, I always seemed to get light shadowing under my eyes from... something.  I started day not wearing eye liner or trying to put it on different ways.  It ended up being the mascara though.  A bunch a brands I've tried (*yes you can take them back if they don't work for you) dried out and flaked...even ones that promised they wouldn't.  This kind is flexible.  It is still stuck together in visible strands in the sink when you wash it off at night (that sounds gross, it's not really I promise ;).  Nothings perfect, but I'm pretty happy that my mommy eye's don't look more tired than they actually are now. ;)  
 I tired this sample kit a few months ago.  I wanted a more natural looking foundation that "breathed" more.  I normally use physician's formula organic tinted moisturizer for everyday and love it (I think it's the only sunblock that doesn't cause breakouts after long workouts too-bonus).  But when a date night comes along and I need more coverage I thought this would work.  The little circle thing that holds the concealer with the included concealer brush is worth what I paid for the whole kit.  Love it.  I never used a brush for cover up before using this one, but now that's what I normally do.  I have major breakout issues that seem to go in a pretty predictable monthly cycle or if I don't shower shortly after a workout (moms always have time for that right? ;). The translucent setting powder is really good too.  A tiny tiny bit rubbed into the puff thing is all that's needed.  Kind of roll or blot it on too, not stroke or rub the puff/powder on skin.  Everything else in the kit is a "mehhh".  The primer in particular went in the trash after I noticed it caused very light pore blockage along the bridge of my nose-not cool.
Since I still didn't have a foundation I liked after trying that kit, I tried this a few months later.  This stuff is admittedly too expensive for the size especially since I'm used to drugstore prices.  But, I must concede, it's twice as nice as the double price should indicate.  It's SO soft which is probably why it's called "soft cream".  It has some pretty powerful hydrating oils in it like jojoba.  Once you rub it in with your hands, it's gone like lotion but skin tone is more even.  This and the above concealer are my new happy go to foundation cosmetics.   I don't know if this is organic...I found it on an organic products page, but it doesn't say so on the packaging.  It lists a bunch of things it doesn't have in it, so it's at least much more natural.

And lest you think I buy buy buy to meet my need for trying new things ;)  My most favorite skin thing right now is organic whole fat yogurt, honey and mashed up oatmeal stirred together as a mask.  AMAZING.

(I have no idea what the brown stuff is, but the dried, really horrible looking oatmeal is very accurate. I do this when Luke's not home ;)


emilykate said...

Always love good suggestions...esp for the mascara since I've never really settled on one.

smw said...

fun! thanks for the info. i'll be back when i get in one of those moods that make me sure there's something better out there that i haven't found. :)