Monday, September 3, 2012


Check out these babies!  =)  Yes, you're right, they look like Jesus sandals.  Yes I cut out the soles myself.  Yes, I think that's cool in a dorky sort of way.  Yes, the idea is from the book "Born to Run"(*See side note below).  Yes, they are super fun to run in and provide a bit of protection and a tiny bit of support.  Yes, there are a million ways to tie them-this way slips on and off though. =)

I have not taken these for a long test run, only short, but plan to wear them on trails where I fear my nice shoes will be ruined in the mud.  The boys think they are really "neat".

(I got Born to Run as a gift and thought it was very interesting.  There was a few instances of bad language that would keep me from recommending it to any one without question.  There is also a brief section on the unique evolution of the foot which I thought was annoying because it basically said the foot was perfect-like a genius engineer created it- and yet the author still says it evolved. =)  The instructions for making these shoes can be found by googling "feel the world" or "invisible shoes".

Warning added a day after short run:  The front of my feet are a little tender again.  Feels like the same soreness I had after beach running with no shoes.  POSE running works in a shoe with a bit of padding in the front and support across the top of the foot.  Barefoot or in these sandals...take it easy and don't "push off" the front of your foot like you would in running shoes.  well you can, but your feet will be sore. ;)  Barefoot stride still comes down on the front of the foot but then the rest of the foot follows down softly and quickly picks up again.  That's in theory...I haven't gotten it totally figured out yet.  IF I do get it right, my feet supposedly won't hurt anywhere in particular and I'll get the float along feeling across the ground not pounding.  Until then, only a mile or less at a time shoeless so I don't hurt myself. ;)  And you may be asking yourself why I even try this...well I don't know exactly.  It reminds me of when I was a little kid running over our gravel drive way with no shoes...or walking in the creek.  I like that.


Marcy said...

You deserve a huge compliment on your running feet!! You have NO battle scars for the miles upon miles you've run this summer! You must have great shoes! When I did a half last fall in my $110 Nikes, I developed some serious looking wounds on my one foot. I have a new appreciation for wound-free & healthy running feet, as it took a LONG time to regrow my big toe nail! I also learned a simple lesson to watch better for road puddles(hard to imagine now, but we had a very wet summer to train through in OH last yr) and I increased my shoe size by 1/2! All is well now :)

L, Ann and boys said...


GOOD! =) I'm glad you went a half size up. I went to REI when I stared to change my stride and asked for "help". I was really happy with the girl that was there because she did a lot of running herself and quickly brought out the shoe that I needed. I'm a 7.5 and she brought out a 9! She said that brand ran a tiny bit small but that going up a full size was key so there is room in the front. Toes should never be cramped in anyway or be hitting the front of the shoe. I didn't know that. My running before wearing the new shoes (brooks pure connects) was very careful and easy on my gate because I hated the feeling of my toes getting cramped. I've done all my long training and racing in the Brooks and love them. =) They shouldn't be worn with the heel strike though because there isn't much padding or a wedge back there on these shoes.
And yes...wet shoes rub worse. The double layered socks help break up the friction. I also put body glide on my feet for the long race day. I don't know if it helped or not...but I think it did.

Love chatting about running! Always happy to see a comment from you. ;)

teresa said...

wondering about arch support? thanks.

L, Ann and boys said...

With the running shoes...or the sandals? Because the sandals have NONE. =) The main claim minimalist fans (which, I'm not really a full fledged member yet) rave about is that the foot looses it's natural healthy shape stuck in a shoe. If you build up slow and run with good form (quick steps, knees bent a tad, back straight and shoulders not moving much with the stride) then the natural arch of the foot actually gets a lot stronger. Then support is not needed. depending on how much time and training is put into it, a flat foot can regain a healthy arch which is just crazy to me how much the body adjusts to whatever we do to it. So, if you've been wearing a pretty supportive shoe, you will probably need to continue that support because that is what your foot is used to. Like, ligaments change length and everything... serious adjustments. If you wanted to start changing that it would have to be gradual, like a middle of the road support shoe with less drop from heel to toe and build up a few miles at a time. Otherwise, stick with what works for you to prevent injury. It is true that we humans have been running around the planet the last few thousand years without Nikes though, probably a few odd ball wedges here and there but mostly sandals. And Elijah ran really fast too ;) wink wink

man, get me started and just go off don't I.

(If you were asking about the running shoes in the comments, sorry. They have medium to minimal arch support. I think they feel great, but I don't come down on the middle of my foot hard. They would be pretty light weight for that stride.)

L, Ann and boys said...

random, my Brooks are 8.5 not 9...I looked. =)