Saturday, September 15, 2012

Five Friday...

A day late.

word prompt: focus

time: 9:29 a

I think I can focus.  It's just figuring out what to focus on.  I bounce around trying to figure it out.  Should I stay home from Wednesday night church if I feel like I'm frazzled.  Is that selfish?  If I'm frazzled...maybe I should drop something off the schedule so I can do things like Wednesday night church consistently.  Okay then, what?  Focus...focus on what?  I know my first priority is what God wants for my life...but what is that?  The easy answer would be mid-week services...but what if reading stories to my kiddos as they drift off to sleep is just as important to Him.  How do I know?  I know my kids are a priority with a capital star next to it because God put them in this house and that makes it rather simple.  Do I sometimes focus on them more than Luke though?  Is it possible to focus on multiple things at once?  I really don't think so actually.  I think women are multi-taskers and emotional sensory organisms on overdrive so that we can scan the horizon and hone in on what needs us most.  Hopefully we get it right.  If not, hopefully those who matter most know that we are doing our very best.  Giving our very best to what matters most.

Time: 9:35a

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