Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mr FixIt replaced iphone glass...

Cost: $33 free shipping for new glass with LCD touch screen fused to back with cable (ebay)
         $1.67 for a star point screw driver (free shipping-ebay)

labor: Luke says I owe him $350 for 2.5 hours of intense eye straining tech service. ;)  Normal fee to drop off at a repair place is around $90-$100 for comparison.

Main tips after project completion from my observations:

use a magnetic screw driver...the screws are so small you can't even see the threads...and they would be impossible to get back in with out being able to stick to the top of the screwdriver for the attempt.  There were about thirty little screws to keep in order, you'll need a system for that.

The round button on the front needs to be moved to the new glass cover.  Luke put the whole thing back together and then checked the font again... the button was a bare metal piece.  He had to take nearly everything apart again.  At least he was an expert by now-went much faster the second time.

THANKS DARLING =)  I'm much less worried about dropping my phone now that I know it costs only $34.67 to fix it.  You would fix it again wouldn't you dear...?  Darling, did you hear my question?  ;)  ;)


Natalie said...

So have you noticed a difference in the touch screen? I mean from BEFORE it was broken. : )

L, Ann and boys said...

nope. =) It was working fine before, even with the glass all broken. That's why we figured the front was all that needed replaced. Some people replace the LCD/glass because the touch screen is slow to respond and it fixes it. Like I said, it was fine response wise, just shattered glass.

smw said...

This process sounds awful!!

Ashton said...

I think Luke should start up a side business.:)

L, Ann and boys said...

As stated...$350 per phone... ;) (Though, I'm sure he would show Bry how to do this fix up should he ever need to)