Monday, August 6, 2012

Green fling...

Meet my only two bottles of non-pink or white colored nail polish, "mojito madness" and "bronze". =)  I got the bronze bottle for vacation last year (dollar tree I think...$1)...and the green for this year's trip to SC.  But I just couldn't leave bronze out, not when it's been my standby non-natural color for so long.  
 I'm glad the little piggies got a splurge of this seasons bright colors for a mere $8- much cheaper than a new dress with gold assessors. ;)  here's to being surprised every time I look at my feet for two weeks. =)  Back to my pink and white after that.

Decided to add some fun tips on how to make pedi look salon-esk:

Tip 1-
Use a buffer block on the top surface of the nail starting with medium and then the next smoother grit up then shine side.  The surface of your nail will be kind of shiny and smooth to the touch.  It seems counter intuitive that this slick surface would hold the polish...but if I take the time to do this, it holds much better.  After buffing, the surface is clean and free of oil which are the biggest culprits for peeling.

Tip 2-
use guides for french tipping.  They are cheap, it doesn't take that long and it will look much cleaner.  First coat must be dry is the only draw back...but it should be dry even if not used the guides so...

Tip 3-
Don't paint ALL the way up to the cuticle.  Just right below and stop before hitting it.  Dido for the sides of the nail; you don't want paint down in the grooves along the sides.  It's best to place the brush in the middle of the nail and push up from there so you don't have a mass of extra polish up by the cuticle, it will peel if it's on too thick.

Tip 4-
use cuticle oil (AFTER the polish is on and dry-don't use lotion before polishing either) to condition the dry skin around the nail bed.  It's what they do at the salon and it makes a huge difference. Cuticle oil anytime is a great idea... it prevents hang nails and makes nails grow faster.  Not that we want toe nails growing faster. ;)

Tip 5- Use a Q-tip with nail polish remover on it to wipe off mistakes as they happen.  If the other nails look good as you go, you will stay focused. =)

That's all I know about it. ;)  Happy Day to you all.
(***Oh, and if you were wondering about my phone-I'm sure you were...nothing else to wonder about right ;) -I had to order a screw driver for $1.67 for some odd star shaped screw on the bottom of it.  Sigh...the glass continues to crack worse as I wait for it in the mail.)


Shana said...

cute :) Love the colors together! I believe I have both of those to try it myself.

L, Ann and boys said...

Let me know how it turns out. =) Every time I look down, it's like my feet are having a party or something. ;)


leah said...

So cute & love your great tips :)

emilykate said...

Not usually a green fan...but love that color!

J Gutwein said...

Happy birthday An!! Ready to party!!! Love, Jenny