Tuesday, July 24, 2012


You've got to see these things to believe it.  The shells of some kind of fruit are covered in a soapy sap that is great for use as cleaner and laundry detergent...no way...I ordered some to appease my curiosity. 

review:  They work!  Really well actually.  I put some very dirty clothes in the washer that I would normally pre-treat and they washed up nicely.  I haven't done anything extensive like wash two identical stains with these and a different detergent though.  They come with little cloth bags to put the shells in before adding them to the washer.  If washing in hot water just throw them in with the wash.  If washing with cold they need to be soaked in cup of hot water while you load the washer and then added with the now soapy water.  Load for load these are supposed to be cheaper than most liquid detergents.  I didn't check on that after paying shipping.  

Bottom line:

I may reorder these.  I normally use Charlie's soap for everything and am very happy with that too.  I've had the same enormous bucket of it for about a year and a half now since a load only uses a tablespoon of powder.  Not having to remember to grab laundry detergent is great.

Here is a plug for Adventures in Odyssey the early volumes.  The fact that Noah signs off "Love you guys" really speaks volumes to how attached they are to the characters they listen to as they drift off to sleep. ;)


J and A said...

I've always been curious about soap nuts too, but couldn't justify the cost against Charlies and my homemade detergent. But maybe if it eliminated the need for oxiclean... :)

smw said...

such a cute letter. :)

Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

I love soap nuts, too!