Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda...

I wanted to love this homemade cleaner.  I really did.  I was hoping it would live up the hype and rave reviews I've been seeing around lately.  Turns's just another cleaner.  It's a pretty good cleaner, but not blow you out of the water amazing.  I put hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and then added some baking soda (about 3 Tablespoons) and shook it up.  It was really good at pretreating underarm areas on in the ones I've worn for working out that don't smell so fresh anymore even after washing.  I did a very thorough sniff test on this when they came out of the wash and was pleasantly surprised that Ts were totally neutralized.  I tried the version where you mix Dawn dish soap and hydrogen Peroxide then scrub with baking soda on laundry stains- that mixture made me sneezy when I sprayed it.  Maybe the fragrance, but it seemed like a more intense irritation than that.  No repeat on that recipe.

I also tried ammonia and water mixed for carpet spots.  You spray it on, lay a rag over the spot and then iron over it to draw out the stain.  The rags did get dirty and the stain sort of came out but not entirely.  I got a little careless and actually melted a small strip of carpet when the iron went off the edge of the rag. =/  Ooooops.  The ammonia is kind of like bleach too, so the spots I treated are a little lighter than the surrounding carpet.  I'm sure that won't last long though with little feet running over them. =) I think I'll stick to soap and water with a scrub brush and then stamping on it with an old towel like I normally do next time.

Bottom line:

A spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide and soda has been added to my laundry arsenal for deodorizing but I'm not going to stop buying Oxyclean for pretreat soaks since I don't have to scrub it into cloths like sprays.  The time saving is worth it.

Happy cleaning =)


smw said...

Isn't it always sad when these tips don't turn out as miraculous as we'd hoped? :(

J and A said...

I'll stick with the h2o2 for mouthwash. :)
Do you pretreat all your loads or just the boys? Any tips for watermelon stains? That's the latest one that even oxiclean won't get out for me.

Dmasy said...

My new all purpose go to additive is vinegar. A cup in the laundry removed some stale river and pond smells. Took that lingering "oily" scent out of sheets. Neutralized the garbage disposal, too. It can be mixed with baking soda for scrub grit also. And, no we aren't overly craving salads!

L, Ann and boys said...

Thanks Mary Ann-best wishes on the retreat coming up! =)

Amber, I learned from my Sis-in-law that most fruit stains come out if you pour boiling water over it-not hot-boiling. I have gotten blue berry out personally but not ever tried watermellon that way. Worth a shot. =)