Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Heel strike vs pose running...

!Warning!-boaring post if runner's chatter annoys you ;)
I leant my card reader out and can't access vacation pictures till I get it back...
I found this picture in my race folder and wanted to post about it since both examples are in one image so clearly.  I've been running off the front of my feet for about six months.  My knees are thanking me and for the first time I can run on roads without feeling like something pounded my legs all day.  My calf muscles hurt like crazy for about a week and half during transition but it's totally worth it especially for ladies.  We have looser joints and need to baby them a little bit.

So the sloppy arrows show the max pressure point on impact and the direction it's going.  In theory, the guy behind me (who very likely finished with a much better time and started after me from the beginning) has a force almost pushing him backward from the heel.  At the very least he is jarring his shins up through his knees with every strike.  He could be even faster if he would lean forward and propel off the middle or front of his feet.  Also, See the flexed thigh muscle right above his knee?  That doesn't happen  as much when you run off the front of your feet.  A big deal if you just got off a bike or want a smaller more girly looking thigh muscle group. ;)
I've tried to transition to this running style for about two years and hadn't been able to make the switch.  Once you've done it for a week though, it's set.  You'll never run the same again.  Highest pressure points forward not back which will likely skim two minutes of your typical time to run a mile without pushing yourself any harder than normal.

How you know if you are pose running:
It has the same sensation as skipping sort of-do you ever land flat footed when doing that?
Pretent you only have shoes on the front of your feet and you are running over egg shells
calves are sore not thigh muscle groups when finished with run
You want to swing your arms with the propulsion forward like when sprinting.
It's like slower sprinting form with quicker shorter strides that are sustainable.
Your feet feel springy instead of heavy
You can sneak up on someone while running because it's quiet-not that I recommend it ;)
the best symptom...no knee or ligament soreness!  Whoooohooo


Aubrey said...

Thanks for this post. Tried it this morning instead of the usual run and my calves really hate you right now. ;)

L, Ann and boys said...

Yay Aubrey! I'm cool with your calves hating me...as long as it's not long term;)