Friday, July 13, 2012

Bon Ami

L: "Wow, the house is really clean."
me: "Ya, I cleaned all day.  Seriously, all day."
L:"Been a while since you did that hu?"
me: "Yep."

That about explains how you find time to finish a training program for a race.  Well, that, and the fact that we ate spaghetti or scrambled eggs on an alternate schedule. And L had to wash his scrubs for work several times. ;)

In order to ramp up for my impending deep cleaning day-I purchased a new cleaning product.

New cleaning exciting! ;)
-next up, a review of hydrogen peroxide and Dawn soap mixed (a faddish recipe I've been curious about).

So this stuff is amazing.  I normally buy "Bar Keepers Friend" but on a whim grabbed this.  If you've never used either...give them a try on sinks (mine is white it shows staining really bad) stove tops, bathrooms, counter tops (mine are a scrubbing agent is the only thing that works on beverage rings and fruit stains that collect across the surface).  Sprinkle a bit over a hard surface, scrub in with sponge or dish cloth and then rinse.  It's such an overachiever that, if you scrub long enough on a painted wall it will scrub a little bit of paint off (not like strip it off with chemicals-like the pen mark is gone and you notice that the base coat may be showing through a tiny bit in that spot like fine sandpaper was use. =)  Similar to overuse of a magic eraser cleaning sponge-but that's a rabbit trail.

It doesn't work better than Bar Keepers Friend, but it has a simpler ingredient list and doesn't smell like anything.  Enough reason for me to repeat buy this brand for my sinks. =)

The end



J and A said...

I've been eyeing Bon Ami lately. Mostly from other reviews though, and how it's more natural then Method. Where did you find it?
And since you have both the white ceramic sink and white countertops... how long did it take you to scrub vs. bar keepers friend? (Which by the way, I've noticed that baking soda makes for whiter ceramic sinks then bar keepers). :)

L, Ann and boys said...

Amber- I found it by Bar Keepers at Wal-Mart. I make my run there about once a month for random things and there it was, with the cute little chick on it. ;) Willem gets into my stuff under sink and dumps it's nice to have as natural of stuff possible. =) I've got baking soda for laundry and have never tried that in the sinks. I'll give that a try too-doesn't get more natural than that.

For how long it took- it worked about the same as BKF I think. I only had to rub in one sprinkling of the stuff to get strawberry spots and wine rings off. It may have worked a bit better, sometimes I have to do Bar Keepers twice. I noticed if I use a microfiber rag, it goes faster too.

Hope you guys are well!