Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Roommate situation...

Last night I woke up at four in the morning and Luke says that I announced the following

"We've slept our normal amount of sleep."

After telling me to go back to sleep I messed all of our bed covers up and Luke says he had nothing but a sheet the rest of the night.  The covers were mostly off the bed, so I didn't fare much better.  I couldn't go back to sleep and felt an ichy spot on my leg.  Convinced we had bed bugs, I went downstairs to have a bowl of cereal and read about it online.  I'm not kidding you, I watched a video of a guy who picked up a mattress on the curb and then found out it was infested with bed bugs.  He said he killed one and then put it back on the mattress so they would not bite him anymore.  He was showing them he had no fear so they would leave him alone.  At four in the morning...I almost mentally got there-nearly pulled me right in. ;)  Why did I finish that video!?  It's a sad state.  I was back to bed by four thirty I think.  this morning I woke up and only remembered that I suspected we had bed bugs.  I started to tear all our sheets off down to the mattress with Luke still trying to slumber since he had the day off.  Luke was like "good grief, you are crazy!"

I think I kind of am.  But it's not my fault entirely.  Luke tells me all these stories about parasites he sees at work, so it's a little in the forefront of my mind.  We don't have bedbugs...but I may be worse annoyance.  For the record, I did get bit my a spider or something...Luke will testify to it.  And to the fact that I'm really fun roommate. ;)



Jon y Amy said...

Hmm. I am not sure what my favorite part of this story is. Definitely a tie between you getting out of bed to do YouTube research and pulling off the sheets around Luke.

Kristi said...

like Aunt Sandy told me, "He should have found out that out before he asked you to marry him."
And I'm sure you can't be the worst roommate Luke has ever had. ;)

Sarah said...

oh hilarious!!!

emilykate said...

So funny! I can't believe you only vaguely remembered it the next morning!