Wednesday, June 20, 2012

mini mini memoir

A third person tale of a girl on her first ride wearing bike cleats...

The old peddle set up
 The new peddle bike cleat...deceivingly similar in appearance but not function

She got the bike on Craig's list after stalking the correct measurements needed for months.  Bonus, it came with road bike shoes but had normal peddles on it at the time of purchase.  Shoes collected dust in the closet for a few months.  Until today...

Nice bike man said to practice in open grassy area after installing the new peddles.  She obediently did so for 10 minutes and then got board.  It wasn't that hard to turn the shoes sideways and release them.  Why delay the inevitable any longer?  Onto the public bike trail she went looking into the distance for the fist intersection with a traffic laden road.    Coming up to first intersection...brain begins sequence as follows per her memory of the event.

-remove right bike cleat as practiced
   Procedure failure

-second attempt rapidly following first... remove cleat...forward movement of bike slows-balance of bike a concern
  procedure failure

-take a peddle forward so bike stays moving but running out of space before road 
   procedure failure-
            front wheel becomes unstable-panic mode-foot stuck-car coming

-abort further attempt at removing cleat
    procedure success

-focus all attention on not breaking an arm on fast approaching pavement
  procedure success

(wouldn't you know it, her cleat pulled free as she fell-nice-at least she didn't lay in the trail unable to move her feet after falling)

-focus all attention on small piece of grass on my...errrrr her pant leg so she didn't have to look up at the cars lining up at crossing to watch poor novice biker who just fell over for no obvious reason 
  procedure success...sort of...pride still hurts a little

-continue ride but remove cleat several bike lengths before intersection to prevent repeat of above sequence
  procedure success

She's still alive after the ride and the cleats do bump the speed of the ride up a bit...if that's worth the learning curve.  =)


smw said...

Thanks for the laugh tonight. :)

megs @ whadusay said...

man this made me laugh. :) I've had some experience with bike cleats/ getting locked into your bike, but the bike I was riding was a stationary one, where there were no real worries about falling, but a few about not getting out. :)

emilykate said...

Ah, I just started cringing when I figured out where this was headed!

teresa said...

thankful you were not injured!