Sunday, May 13, 2012

Never thought I would-Gnaw Bone IN

Above-the "wrong turn" cabin we stayed in the night before.

*Luke would also like me to update the condition of the cabin in more detail-so you know how supportive of a guy he is since this overnight stay was my idea (the recommended lodge was full so...). =)  I wrapped up in the blanket pictured on the bed right when we got there because the heater wasn't on...and there was a spider on it-a crawling, furry, very alive spider.  Luke claims he shook mouse poop off the bed cover at some point...I mentally blocked out this information completely so that I could sleep. =)  I cleaned mold off the window trim...sure that it would release a few million less spores into the air while we slumbered.  In reality-I probably just stirred it all up or something horrid.  

I signed up for this run for a few reasons.  I like trail running, so it seemed a better fit than a road event.  The website said to expect to double your typical running time-which I thought was great since my run speed is always slow and I wouldn't have to worry about it. =)  The last reason was I would have a really good excuse to turn in my number at mile 20 and quit if I was spent and blame it on the hills not my lack of training. ;) But I did finish-I walked a lot of hills and walked mile 24, but I finished. whoopwhooop

This just in on Monday-chip results: It took me 8 hours and 11 minutes to finish (I like to take into account that a big group of us got off the track for about a mile during the race)  I beat one girl (who got lost for two miles not I'm not sure it counts ;) and beat one guy...who was 68...but very fit I tell you, so I'm still proud I passed him up in the last mile through the creeks. ;)

All my gear, ready to run.
One of those great self taken photos...;)  Luke ran the extreme 10K...and then read the rest of his book waiting for me to finish.  =)

 my phone died at the end of the race, so this is the only picture I have of costume craziness-neon socks. Super heros and tutus abounded as later relay teams tried to outdo each other.
 la la la...nice tall trees and wonderful shade
 I don't think I need to tell you why I pulled my phone out for this one...=)

 Up the hill yall
 up the hill...just me solo, as I kind of dropped off behind the group
 a jog through the creek bed, I was loving this.  The cold water washed all the mud off my shoes, which I wish I would have taken pictures of some of the mud holes-I was a little busy keeping my shoes on though. =) 

That's all the footage I got.  Here's a link if this annual event interests you.  They have 5K distance all the way to ultras so it's a race for all who don't mind their shoes being ruined. =)


J Gutwein said...

So fun!! What shoes did you wear?

L, Ann and boys said...

My old nikes that were about to bite the dust. More season trail runners had tall socks (poison ivy) trail shoes that don't catch roots (which I did several times) and little covers from the sock over the shoe to keep rocks, sticks etc out of their shoes.

Most important thing to bring is salt tabs though. Every half hour to hour you swallow one with water and it helps a ton muscle cramp wise. Cheap solution to a major bummer problem in the middle of a hill.

Love you-let me know if you want to dress up next year and do a relay. They have all the fun. =)


J Gutwein said...

You know it! except maybe two years since I would not technically be there yet in one year.

emilykate said...

Good for you! Sounds intense!

Jon y Amy said...

Wow. HUGE PROPS. :) That is awesome. I already kind of felt like you were superwoman and that totally affirms it!

smw said...

That looks pretty and inviting. :)

L, Ann and boys said...

hey seriously-if anyone wants to do the relay...;) just let me know

J and A said...

Congrats An, that's amazing! Loved trail running from cross country days, but their isn't as many creeks (and no poison ivy) in Arizona :)
Did I miss the part where you said how far you ran? Was it a marathon or further?? I only caught the mile 20 and 24 hints.

L, Ann and boys said...

I ran the full marathon-I marked it down in the never thought I would list more detailed. I always enjoy pictures of things more than details myself. ;) I don't think I'll ever run another one as I'm still sort of hobbling around today-two days after. Those dag blasted hills.

There were some crazy runners there that day that sure kept me humble. They flew by me on their way to finishing 50k (36ish miles) and 50 mile ultra races. It was pretty amazing to watch them skip along.

amy gerber said...

that looks like so much fun - gives me the bug ;)