Monday, May 28, 2012

Five minute Monday

write for five minutes with no editing on the following:

prompt: opportunity

time: 10:27a

It really stinks that I can't do everything.  In a land of opportunity there is still opportunity cost.  In order to do something, other things must go.  It's not about whether you're tough enough to do just can not be done.  I've got about four, maybe more I'm not thinking of, categories that get done or not each day.  one, kids school.  Two, house in functioning cleanliness.  Three, clean clothes and meals.  Four, my own quiet time to do whatever I like.  Now, some may have thought I left out the commutes here and there by accident...they have been left out of my life on purpose for at least another year or two.  The main reasons are the categories above.  One of them will suffer.  I may slide by, but my time with the boys will be less instead of more.  My quiet time will be wasted because I'm thinking of deadlines and there will be more clothes to clean and less meals together.  So, no soccer for a little while longer.  I still take a hit when people ask me which sport my kids participate in-mentally I mean, I don't mind being asked.  I feel like I'm withholding an opportunity from their lives when I say no because of time restraints.

Oh man...I just ran out of time and I didn't pull that all together very well. =)

time: 10:32a  

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