Thursday, May 31, 2012

Donning gardener gloves

When I bought this rose bush, the garden shop employee told me to put on some gloves and find scissors and bring out a drink to sip on while I "dead headed".  As she went on about cutting the stem down to the first set of five thought was "ya right-that's never going to happen".  Turns out I've dead headed twice.  Not because I had time-more because it was very soothing and enjoyable to do it and then look at the bush all bright and green free of dead petals.  I think this little bush is teaching me big things. =)
 And here we have some pepper plants, an egg plant and zucchini.  I've never had great gardening success...lets hope all the peat moss and Jobe's fertilizer turns that trend around this year.
 And three tomato plants right in the middle of the grass so Luke would have the chance to ask me why. =)  It seemed like the spot with best sun (shrug).

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Sandra said...

Good luck with the garden. I planted a eggplant for the first time last year and we had so many come off that one plant that they were sitting on my counter. I began googling recipe's for that vegetable and by the end of the summer I was giving away eggplant. i have always loved that stuff, but after last year....needless to say...I didn't plant one this year. The thought of them growing in my garden actually made me gag:). Guess I might have to wait a few years to plant another one. Hope you don't get to many that you can't stand the stuff when you are done gardening this year:).