Friday, May 11, 2012

5 Friday

write for five minutes with no editing on the following:

Prompt: identity

time: 11:28a

Idnentidy.  I'm going to leave it like that because that's how I typed it and that is part of my identity.  I've always struggled with written words.  Not the words in my mind.  They bounce around and find a neat little place in sentences I would like to say with less trouble.  But when it comes to actually getting words down on paper it's always been a mess.  I always wanted pretty script-y handwriting at that age when girls wrote their names over and over to find the best signature.  I ended up just printing everything and for a while had a really awkward back slant to everything I wrote.  I've since learned from various handwriting analysis fans that a backward slant is not a good means your stuck in the past and don't want to move forward if I remember correctly.  I don't know that I felt that way at the time...I just really had a hard time writing-and reading too for that matter.  This isn't a pity party if you were getting to feeling sorry for me.  It's just part of my identity.  It made me who I am today.  I worked twice as hard at school.  I tried twice as hard to spell things right. Trying trying trying.  And in that trying my growing brain learned that everything takes effort and nothing good and worth fighting for just comes easy.  Looking back at my growing up years, I remember a little bit of embarrassment...a few times that my face went a little red because I couldn't find a phone number in the phone book...but mostly I remember learning to work hard and I wouldn't change it now.  Research is getting better now on reading issues and how to help kids work through it which is great.  An astigmatism found in an eye exam my indicate that your child will need some extra help.  But it's not really the bad things in life that make it's the bad things in life that we cling to, can't let go, use as an excuse, feel like we've been wronged from that make the pain a reality.

ran over.

time: 11:36a

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