Monday, April 16, 2012

geometry in pictures...

I've been reading a really fun book on photography and wanted to pass along the idea of geometry in pictures for the camera loving crowd.  I've always loved framed images.  They feel nice to look at.  The viewer gets the feeling that it's obvious where to look.  Sometimes this happens intuitively or naturally...but it's best to understand what is happening so that the affect can be created if needed.  I marked this image up so nicely as an example. ;)  The blue arrows mark out all the parallel up and down lines.  If I had tilted the camera in any direction, they would have all been angled and the image would have looked...busy.  The subject would be lost in chaos.  The subjects spine is also straight to the picture frame...this makes any image look more organized and feels natural.  The pink lines are the horizontal lines in the image that again need to be kept level with the image frame.  There are tons of lines in this image...but they don't stand out too much because they are all behaving like little soldiers. =)  Then there is the placing of the subject without things coming out of their heads...this can be rather distracting...kind of like bunny ears. =)  If you frame the subject with a blank slate behind the head, nothing takes away from what the views eyes are trying to take in.  

All of these ideas are simple rules of the frame...they can be manipulated and totally thrown out if the picture presents it's self.  Keeping rules in mind will usually make for more enjoyable images though.

Have fun with your camera! =)


smw said...

this is a great pic. i love how the foreground is shaded and she's in sunlight.

L, Ann and boys said...

oh light...I'll spend a life time chasing it and being obsessed with it. :)