Friday, April 20, 2012

Five Friday...

write for 5 minutes with no editing on the following...

prompt: together

time: 2:30p

"We'll always be together".  I tell my kids that about Luke and I whenever I think to do so.  It's a promise.  It's a sentence of comfort for them.  In a world of muddled lines and family structures...I hammer it in.  I love your daddy, not because he does everything right...but because I promised.  That may sound pretty simple.  Luke is pretty easy to love most of the time.  But that in it's self can set up a spouse to be an idol that tries to take the place of God...and the ending of that story is never a good one.  No matter the structure and dynamics of a relationship-it's never easy to make it work right.  Relationships take work...but are best when not treated like a job at the same time.  It's about letting someone you love be themselves and wanting the them to the same time.  It's about letting someone be your identity...but not really be your identity really-at the same time and being okay with that.  It's about letting another person affect every part of your life, but at the same time not letting what they do control your peace.  Together forever works if both parties are about something bigger than themselves.

time: 2:35p

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