Sunday, April 15, 2012

Five Friday...

or Sunday...since I keep missing it.

Write for five minutes on the following prompt with no editing-

Prompt: good-bye

time: 4:01 p

Well...I'm not typing anything.  Long pause.  I don't like to say good-bye unless I'm super duper tired and can no longer keep my eyes open.  When I'm with family, we all stay up too late because we don't want to say good-bye.  And what does it mean anyway? to put "good" in front of "bye".  Like we know it needs to be eased since parting is lame.  Not typing again.  Maybe it's okay to not like this prompt or the idea of it.  Though, it's wonderfully cute to see my three year old wave good-bye when I go on an outing.  It doesn't worry him when I leave...he knows I'll be back soon.  I'm always back soon.  And we should have this same child like trust when things we think are valuable are taken away.  Anything truly good will be back soon.  Anything not...well...good-riddance and good-bye. =) 

time: 4:06p

Thank goodness my time rand out...;)

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