Friday, March 23, 2012

Masquerade in pictures...

A fun celebration of sisters and friends for miss Kaitlin-who has always wanted to host a masquerade

asparagus is back in season-woop woop 
Guests arriving were presented to the curtain so Kaitlin could try to guess who was behind the mask.  We decided she would know if more than just the face was visible.
 I spent, literally, hours on this opera cake...I'll admit that it went with the theme, and attempted the provided recipe with committed vigor-but I'll probably not be making this again anytime soon.
Rightfully indulging in that opera cake-this picture makes me think of my grandma Carmella
 guess who?
The set up...
 Prize winner for concealing identity-and props to Essie for making her own mask =)
differing mask styles abound
 mom breaks out the red =)
 prize winner for down right cool mask...from Italy-sigh
 One more of that one since it's from across the pond
 "sis-tas" Ash and mom did an amazing job planning most of this event


Ashton said...

You have so many good pictures! I looked through mine and they're pretty pathetic.:) I'll still try to cobble something together for a post though since it was such a fabulous party!

Thanks for ALL your help! (and sorry again for the torturous, but very delicious, opera cake)


Jon y Amy said...

How fun! What a great idea.

J Gutwein said...

Oh Goodness~

Rebekah said...

That looks like fun! It's neat to see a family and sisters who are such good friends...pretty special. The cake looks amazing.

Dmasy said...

So sorry that I missed the shower. Equally sorry that we missed a visit from your family. Thank you for sharing the great photos. One is my desktop right now!!