Monday, March 26, 2012

Five Friday...

missed it again...

prompt: loud

time 9:19 a

We've all gotten louder is seems.  Or maybe it just seems like it.  With mediums to be heard growing all the time it seems like our voices are everywhere.  One little video can go viral and be all over the world within minutes.  It seems normal to us now...but it's a very new loud phenomena.  It's not always good. But it can be.   I was looking at a pin board of ideas and pictures the other day and someone had posted a loud statement on gay marriage.  It was very loud.  I have no idea how I will get out of this last train of thought...but with the no editing rule in place...I'll try.  I think that if we battle loud with loud, we will get no where with anyone in this world.  It takes something very different to make an impression.  And it can't be fake.  You have to really love people.  For real love.  The kind that isn't uncomfortable with the person or their actions and really only cares about the situation they are in because it may harm them and separate them from truth...not because you, me, I think anything.  It's not about what we think.  It's not about being loud.  If you live your life in truth, and really, with real love, care about the people around you, the soft whisper of that caring will shout louder than any bull horn or scream of anger ever could.  Strip out out the emotion, leave the passion...but make sure it's a whisper of love.

9:29 a (I got interrupted several times by little feet...)

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