Friday, March 9, 2012

Five Friday...

Write for five minutes on the following prompt with absolutely no editing-just write and have fun with it.

prompt: Empty

Time: 9:14a

I think the people who feel most empty are those who have felt full.  Not to diminish the emptiness anyone can feel at any moment in time just because we are breathing.  I feel the most isolation after spending a few days with my whole family and then being home alone.  I feel the most empty and alone after feeling really close to comfort-my biggest comfort and fullness being God and Christ Himself.  I think after the excitement of my dad being passed over by the suffering of pancreatic cancer left me filled with praise and wonder.  In the wake was a sort of "I miss that" feeling I can't describe.  Empty even at times.  It's painful to get a glimpse of what God can and will do some day and then realize I'm not there yet...that I'm still just on the trail to that place and I need to be okay with that.  And I am, but it doesn't fix the empty feeling at not being there yet.

Time: 9:19a

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