Saturday, March 31, 2012

5 friday

Write for five minutes with no editing on the following:

prompt: gift

time: 8:20p

I don't feel inspired by this prompt at all.  Maybe I should as it's used in many different spiritual analogies.  Now I wish I could change that last sentence because it implies that I'm spiritual or something.  Anyway.  I'll write about something that I feel was a gift yesterday.  I got to go on a bike ride.  Now I know that may seem like a chore to some or maybe a typical event for others...but to me, yesterday, it was a gift.  It was a gift from Luke because he manned the house solo for as long as I needed, which is huge.  But it was a gift from God too, because I needed filled up and He was more than happy to do that for me.  four miles in it started to rain and I was annoyed...and then, as I often do, I started to talk to myself in my head.  Welcome to the inside of my head for a moment "awww man, it's going to rain so hard, I know it...
"you like rain though"
"not when I'm on a bike"
"why not?"
"Because...I don't know...fine, I like the rain on my bike.  Wow the trail is really empty it all to myself today.  That's nice.  Well kind of.  It's nice having people around too, it feels safer.  It would be kind of exciting to be saved from an attack though.  WHAT! Did I just think that.  What in the world?  Oh well, I'm sure other people have thought things like is a main plot theme in most books and movies.  Man, I knew rain on a bike would be bad, my sunglasses are totally wet and I can't see anything hardly.  And I'm listening to music so I can't even hear what's behind or in front of me.  Probably swerve into someone...(remove one ear phone).  I wonder why I think it would be cool to be attacked?  WHAT?  Why am I thinking about this still.  Fine, I'll figure it out.  I've got nothing else to think about right now.  I want to be rescued.  There.  I said it.  To myself.  I'll just bet I'm not the only one, and that it drives a lot of girls to not so good ends.  Maybe we need attention so bad that we create our own worlds of captive things so we are in the end, rescued.   This is when I should remember that God fills in that gap.  God, will you fill me up right now-make me feel rescued?

I looked up and saw two huge buzzard birds (which I don't like at all) circling around right above my head. Like they were circling around a dead animal...but they were right above me.

"Crrrreeeeepy. Don't like big black birds over my head."

And a voice that has comforted me so many times wondered into my thoughts.

"I'm saving you from death every second of every minute of every day you live.  And when death does come, I will save you from even that forever."

I was full.  I was saved.  The birds were left behind, but the feeling of a very close God is still with me.

Time: 8:37p you knew I couldn't type that fast ;) - congratulations if you made it this far...=)

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smw said...

you make me laugh and smile. i totally think things like "i'm sure other people think these things", and analyze reasons i have to believe that in order to comfort myself, too. :)