Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Fact: just spent 12+ hours in a vehicle with 5 children driving home from FL (it's possible I'm in a hallucinogenic state)

While the vacation time with family was wonderful (being with Luke, Jen and their two included) and the home we rented quite dreamy for the price we spent off peak season...the memory that will most likely stand out the most as time passes is celebrating Valentines day with Luke.

Oh, you're confused.  Because as you read this, it probably still isn't Valentine's Day yet.  People, it's the 12th as I type and Luke and I truly thought it was the day of obligatory couples romance yesterday. I'll blame in on being out of routine all week.  I price-lined a hotel to break up the trip home for $49.  As you can imagine, we got a real dandy...not only was it a "microtel", they went so far as to name the establishment Microtel Inn and Suites.  We went for the $10 upgrade since, after all, it was Valentine's.  The upgrade landed us in a real nice set up of adjoining rooms  with ours being the handicapped suite-meaning the room was still micro-but the halls were wider. :)  We got the kids to sleep and Luke headed off to Wal-Mart to buy Strawberries.  I promptly fell asleep in my travel clothes as soon as my head hit the pillow for a "rest my eyes for just a second moment".  When I woke up to the door creaking open, Luke had a white table cloth, chocolate, brie, crackers and the fresh strawberries I wanted (after eating fast food all day).  So...if I had filled the room with candles and put roses in every corner and on every counter may have looked pretty...since we lacked these accessories-it remained a microtel room with a huge handicapped bathroom and some strawberries (out of season strawberries).

Arriving home after being gone for a week required a trip to the grocery.  When I got home, Luke noticed that I had purchased a dozen roses for the table, "It's great that you got roses, since I screwed up Valentine's so bad on Saturday."  I replied "Yeah, they had chocolates and little cakes for sale still...why are they still selling all that stuff?"  Luke says, "Wait, maybe today is Valentine's Day."  So, I'm like..."what's the date?".  We both shrug.  I hit the navigator button on the computer and the 12th pops up.  I mused..."that's not right."   Luke says "is Valentines always on the 14th, or is it like...the second Sunday of February?"  HUGE eye roll on my part.  "It's the 14th honey...and today is apparently the 12th and we celebrated on the 11th at a microtel."  Luke says "so you're telling me there's a chance..."

We still aren't totally sure if Valentines is really in two days... hallucinating from mile marker signs...the numbers get real blurred in my mind.  When we reviewed our spectacular evening the other night, we died laughing with intermittent "we are so dumbs" while shaking our heads slowly.  Luke says it's all part of his plan with a sinister laugh.  Can you top a white table cloth though...I ask you?  I just don't think it can be outdone-


leah said...

behehe. :)

this is really funny! love it!

Mindy said...

oh, I love it! You guys are too funny!

Ashton said...

You guys are so lucky. TWO Valentine's Days to celebrate.:) hehe

We're glad to have you home, by the way. It was pretty dull and sad around here while you were away.:)

Sarah said...

We enjoyed this post immensely


smw said...

OH MY WORD. thanks a ton for a good laugh this afternoon. :)

J and A said...

love it! :)

Joel sincerely told me a couple days ago "man, I'm so bummed I'm on call the 18th!"

Me: "why's that?"

Joel: "Because I'm on call for yet another Valentine's Day!"

I corrected him and he got all excited for about 2 seconds, til he saw he was on call the 14th too :)

emilykate said...

Ha, this is really, really funny.