Monday, February 6, 2012



getting the kids to bed-talking about sunday school.  We had eaten at a restaurant for dinner and Christian's peppermint ended up in Noah's hair during the drive homeward...not sure on details other than Noah saying he got it out half way home.

Adrian: "there's a girl in Sunday school that looks at me"

Me: "Oh really, why is that?"

Adrian: "well they all look at me because we have share time and it was my turn."

Me: "I see, but you think she looks at you different right?"

Adrian: "uh-hu"

Me: "Well be nice, because she might have a crush on you and that's a compliment.  She'll probably have a crush on someone else soon anyway."

Adrian: "ya...crushes are just...gone with the wind"

I stifle a chuckle due to his serious tone...

Noah: "ya well, no girl is going to crush on me with a mint stuck in my hair instead of minty breath."

I no longer stifle said chuckle =)


Mindy said...

too funny!!!

Sarah said...

that is hilarious. It's such a good idea that you are writing these funny moments down :)

Kelli's Blog said...

That is way too funny!

Alesa said...

I love it!!!