Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Definition of FABULATION

: the act of inventing or relating false or fantastic tales

This word has been eating away at me lately.  Can't say exactly why it bothers me so much.  I think it cuts in deep because I truly believe, down to my core in things that could be considered fantastic by others... actually much more than that; awe inspiring, cause for laying flat on the floor, wonder filled, wide eyes beautiful things.  And then someone came along and said...that's cute, I'll call it fabulation.  Not that I met the man...he wrote it down and I met that instead.

I don't like it-the feeling it left.

I'm not coping or running away from reality by way of fabulation.

As a matter of fact, I'm facing what I see and feel head on, using every mental capacity I have at my disposal.  There are things in life that change you forever-and should change you.  I've held a newborn son in my arms and watched his eyes dilate and focus on me.  Sure you can say I was under the influence of medication... or say that I was emotional even hormonal...say that I was taken in by the event...say that I fabulated the feeling that God was there as a new life was made known.  But I say, something real happened and when real things happen, you can label it and walk away...or you can face it and decide what you believe.  I think the latter is harder to do-not the easy way out.  How is it, that a baby, minutes old, could look toward a familiar voice and try to focus on a face?  I'm not asking how this response evolved over millions of years...How did a perfect ear, filled with tiny moving parts pick up sound; perfect mechanically designed eyes take in a shape?  I need a better answer than millions of years and no God after looking at that little face.

I don't have to invent the fantastic tale...becuase it's being told by a being far beyond my little story.  And as far as being false...well... whether we choose to believe or not is a belief in it's self.


smw said...

i can't understand why people make comments like that. if you had been convinced of that viewpoint, how exactly would that have bettered your life? anyway, every time we've had another baby, i just grow more in awe of the wonder of life. and life and creation just put me in awe of the creator.

J and A said...

Good food for thought, An. I don't think I've ever heard the word before, and if I did I forgot, but it is incredible (in a sad way) to think that people would summarise our faith as such. For me, it just hits home the truths of 1 Corinthians 1.