Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cape San Blas in pictures...

Never heard of this place before, but after drawing a line straight down from our house to FL for the shortest drive possible, this was what stood out as a possible beach of peaceful quiet-and it was
 skim board fun
 I can't believe how few pictures I have of Luke and Jen...we had just arrived so I just didn't have my camera firing yet.  They stayed with us for the weekend. Jen looking out on the beach counting heads I think...
 Got some poles for surf fishing-super fun and will use them again for sure
 A picture in motion
 letting a little fish go
 Adrian is always helping Christian do something...=)
 Love Jude's oooooow face =)
 Christian literally loved the fish
 Oh man...I love my littles
sushi anyone...?

 Oh Will, my little squishy 
 embrace the pace

 If my memory serves me correctly...there may be a striking resemblance to a guy named Caleb at this age...
 Luke becomes famous among the locals for catching the first pompano of the season ushering in spring
 Flora and fauna along the bank of an inlet on our fishing excursion-I wanted a subject along the bank in a flowing white dress...but I just had to image that one...;)
 Adrian's trout
 Noah with captain Clint at the helm-cool hat and glasses capin'  =)
 Love Adrian and Will's little faces in this one.  My hair went crazy in the salt air.


emilykate said...

So fun. I have a certain fishing-lover husband who would have loved this trip. Looks like a cool place. Would you recommend the location?

L, An and boys said...

We really want to go again. The beach is dog friendly, which I don't really care as we don't have pets, but it made the whole atmosphere of the place very distinct. There were a lot of proper middle aged couples and their dogs that walked the beaches...and that's it. Everything was quiet this time of year, but the locals said it never gets very busy. Not a young crowd beach which is fine with me. =) Quite a few surf fishers. The Whiting is the most common fish and we caught lots of them. We had those for dinner one night and then we had the pompano another evening (this was amazing, we grilled it whole with lemon,salt and pepper in foil-so good). Really fun to grill/pan fry your catch. then the fishing in the inlets was with a guide and we caught all kind of stuff with shrimp along the bottom (he said they all go into the inlets during the colder months). I don't remember all the fish types, but maybe your fish-lover would recognize "sheep head" "salt water trout" "reds (had red fins), cat fish and some kind of fish with a big black spot or two that was common and not quite as good for eating.

The beach sand was super clear and the water was that lovely emerald green-makes a soul quite happy during a morning jog. ;)

Highly recommend for a family or a couple that isn't into night life or shopping as it's quite remote from everything. We did eat out one night at an old inn (20ish min drive) and it was super good food, so it's not like there's no where to eat out if you want too.

Prices were typical I think but definitely not on the high end for beach front. There are only about two-three rows of condos on the beach line too which is rustic looking.

Best part is, you can be on the beach sipping a drink and fishing at the same time...a good combo for a couple. ;)

I kind of got carried away there...this is like an article on Cape San Blas. ;)

Alesa said...

love it!

Ashton said...

pretty, pretty, pretty. Worth going just for the pictures.:)

Amber said...

What a fun trip! I love the photo of your boys in the water with the baby crawling towards the surf. So cute!!!

The 3 Squirrels said...

If that true about Will to Caleb... I know he'll turn out to be a dashingly handsome man! :-D LOOKS amazing would LOVE to visit the beach soon! Glad ya'll had fun!

L, An and boys said...

I was thinking Christian standing by the sand castle...I've seen a picture of Caleb at that age in the sand and it was a flash back of sorts with the white hair =) And yes...of course dashingly ;)

L, An and boys said...
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Sara Huber said...

These are beautiful!!!