Monday, January 2, 2012


Finally posting a slideshow of our vacation pictures.  The music is a song written for my dad shortly after his pancreatic cancer was diagnosed and before knowing it was a neural endocrine tumor that put him at low risk for further cancer growth.  Still rejoicing over the amazing gift of his recovery. =)

I woke up in a meadow
With a pure light all around
and the air was sighing to the ground
and then my chin lifted
to a pure and holy sound
perfect chords were healing up and down

fly little one, fly home
fly little one, back where you belong
fly little one, back into my arms
and we'll dance the night away underneath the stars

A mountain in the distance was bigger than the world
first I walked than ran to meet my Lord
a step into the back yard, a wade in the stream
dizzy feeling twirling on the swing.


A pulsing throbbing movement
to a place, to a throne
and I'll never feel quite so alone
and then my whole self drifted
in the way I knew so well
into life I plunged, I fell



The 3 Squirrels said...

Beautiful Ann... Love the song!

Sarah said...

This is beautiful!

I would love if you posted the lyrics! :)

Sarah said...


Again, beautiful...